Willoughby Pub Quiz : 10 May 2011

An even bigger turn-out for the Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz on Tuesday 10 May.  New faces and a birthday party all added to the atmosphere and contributed to a good evening.   Final scores, after 10 rounds, were as follows …

1st : United States – 115pts
2nd : Quiz Virgins – 107pts
3rd : Mixed Bunch – 105pts
4th : Cat Nappers – 101pts
5th : Rogers Ladies – 95pts
6th : One of the Warrington’s and the Turner’s have Let Us Down Again – 93pts
7th : Quiz Masters – 83pts
8th : Buffer Stops – 76pts
9th : All By Myself – 67pts

The next Pub quiz takes place on Tuesday 7 June 2011 at 8pm.

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