Activities & Events

There are Activities and Events taking place in theBythams area throughout the year. We try and keep up to date with as many of them as possible and would like to begin to report on some of them after they have happened (any volunteers?!)

The shop window in Castle Bytham Stores and at The No.10 Store in Little Bytham often have posters advertising events in the area and further afield so it is always a good place to look for more information. Similarly the Glenside News carries any events they are informed about on their Diary page.

This section of the website is split as follows …

  • Activities -which take place every week or thereabouts
  • Events – which take place occasionally

The most notable events taking place in theBythams area each year are as follows …

As far as activities that take place locally are concerned the  following are detailed on this website …

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