Annual Charity Horse Ride in Grimsthorpe Park (added 07/04/11)

From the Glenside News (March 2011) …

Monday 2 May 2011
If you ride – its an event not to miss.
8, 12 and 15 mile courses in beautiful Grimsthorpe Park (all off public roads)
Proceeds go to Careby, Creeton, Castle Bytham and Little Bytham Churches and Riding for the Disabled

Would you like to help run the event? (You don’t need to be horsey!)
Fancy helping with …
Marshalling on the Day? Call Elaine: 01780 410515
Raffle? Call Andrew: 01780 410305
Making a Cake for the Refreshment Stop? Call Susie: 01778 590637

For Entries please contact: Rosemary Player
Tel: +44 (0)1778 590350

Sponsored Ride 2003 (added 22/06/03)

From the pages of the Glenside News (June 2003)…

On 4th may, in glorious sunshine, the first Sponsored Ride in support of our Parishes and Homestart took place in Grimsthorpe Park by kind permission of Grimsthorpe Estates.

Thanks to the welcome rain at the end of April, the going was excellent and 106 riders turned out to enjoy a ride of 8, 12 or 15 miles through seldom-seen countryside completely off the public roads. Many, having opted for the 8 mile course, changed their minds at the 6 mile Rest Stop and went on to enjoy a longer ride fortified by a drink and a selection of excellent cakes kindly donated by the Womens Institute.

Of course, this was not the Hunter Trials of former years and although the Committee members were sad to cancel that event, all are agreed that the decision was correct. Sponsored Rides can be organised and run by a minimum of volunteers (although more are always welcome) as opposed to the labour intensive Hunter Trials, now full of legal traps for the unwary. And of course, the removal of the compeititve element allows everyone to relax.

Without exception, every rider commented on how enjoyable the day had been and as the horseboxes streamed out of Grimsthorpe at 4 o’clock, there was much hand waving and shouts of “Great Day! Whens the next one?

So, a success in its first year.

Farewell to the Hunter Trials? (added 02/04/03)

It is unfortunate that one of the first articles or pieces of information about the Hunter Trials we have included on theBythams website has to be rather sad news.

From the pages of the Glenside News (April 2003)…

The advertisement for help with the Hunter Trials in last months Glenside News should have started alarm bells ringing somewhere in our community. Plainly it didn’t and the end result could be our loss.

That the Committee has decided in the face of rising costs, faltering enthusiasm and dwindling support, they can no longer run the Trials in the way in which they have been run should not surprise us. The stringent enforcement of Health and Safety rules together with the changes in professional cover do nothing to aid a small event run on an entirely voluntary basis.

For the last 20 years, the Bythams with Creeton and Careby Hunter Trials have been the largest annual fund raising event in our Parishes, providing much needed capital for our Parochial Church Councils and local charities. That help is needed more than ever, a fact recognised only too well by the Hunter Trials Committee, and we understand that they plan to hold an event that is less manpower intensive and less onerous in its execution.

This is to be a Sponsored Ride that will take place on the same day, 4th May 2003, and at the same location, Grimsthorpe Estate. Plainly, receipts will not be as high as in earlier years but we all could and should provide our support to ensure that some sort of event continues to run in furture years. ”

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