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The following news and notices apply to all of the parishes within theBythams area.

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Careby Family Service (from Glenside October 1995 : 15/01/12 : MG)

From Peter Cox …

Careby Family Service, Sunday 5 November 1995 at 11.00am

It is not often that we write about our services but we hope that this service will be different and maybe set a pattern that can be repeated at some future time.  Although the Reverend Ian Williams will be ‘in attendance’ and happy to do anything required or necessary, he wants us the congregation, not the Churchwardens or PCC to arrange and run the service.

To make it a success we need two things; firstly we need a congregation of people of all ages, hopefully including young families, and, secondly, we need ideas and thoughts on what such a service should contain.  There is no limit to these ideas.  Perhaps we won’t have a sermon but something to which we can all contribute.  Our only object is to bring us closer to God and to make this enjoyable for the young and not so young.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please either ‘phone me on 410457 or Charles Smith on 411420.  But do come.  You can just be part of the congregation and join in the service – no one will ask you to do more – but if you would like to help in some way, that’s even better.

p.s. despite the date, the fireworks will be only spiritual.

Ministry Team for the Seven Parishes (from Glenside October 1995 : 28/12/11 : MG)

Rector : Rev. Bryan Bennett
Assistant Priest : Rev. Ian Williams
Lay Reader : Mrs Margaret Barton
Lay Reader : Mrs Dorothee Whisell
Lay Minister : Mr Vincent Hedley-Lewis

The Group consists of Castle Bytham, Little Bytham, Careby, Creeton, Irnham, Corby Glen, Swayfield, plus small hamlets like Holywell which are part of the above parishes.  Ministers work across the Group have areas of special responsibility.  All ministers may be approached on personal or church matters.  Margaret Barton is just beginning a three year course which will lead to her ordination as a priest, while Maureen Hale of Swayfield is just starting the three year training course to be a Lay Reader.  When these are completed it will greatly strengthen the team’s ability to provide the cover needed in such a large area.  With the reduction in the number of full time clergy the future may depend upon teams like ours.  With this in mind the Rector would like to hear from anyone who might be interested in training for part-time ministry.

Rev. Bryan J Bennett

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