The Mallard Inn

The Mallard Inn in Little Bytham closed its doors in 2002.  Named after the record breaking LNER Class A4 locomotive which broke, and still holds, the world speed record for a steam locomotive on the adjacent East Coast Mainline, between Little Bytham and Essendine, achieving a speed of 126mph on 3 July 1938.

The inn was previously known as The Green Man until it was taken over by John and Liz Winspeare in ???.

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  1. Robin Sharman says:

    I just revisted your pages for the umpteenth time. On this occasion I was brought to you trying to find a photograph of the “Green Man” sign that used to hang at Little Bytham outside the hostelry that became “The Mallard” in 1975. I have a vision of the sign showing a man dressed in green being shot, but I have yet to meet anyone who can confirm that. My closest view would have been from the top of a Lincolnshire Roadcar double-decker (used on the route on Fridays and Saturdays) taking us to school in Stamford in the era 1968 to 1972. I wonder if anyone has a photograph of that Green Men sign to share with us. I would love for my memory to be either confirmed or disproved all these years on.

  2. Robin Sharman says:

    i should add that The Mallard was renamed from The Green Man when it was refurbished by the Bailey family in 1975. It was quickly sold on to Peter and Jenny Bateman from Leicester, who in turn sold it to Barrie and Jessie Smith from Nottingham in January 1977. The Smiths kept The Mallard for ten years, eventually moving to The Marquis of Granby in Hoveringham, Notts., where they remained until their retirement in December 1999.

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