Threat to Lottery Terminal

From Mark and Nicky at Castle Bytham Stores …

Camelot have today informed us that our Lottery terminal will be withdrawn within 6 months due to a decline in sales.  As you can imagine this will be another huge blow to the shop! We would be very grateful if you could help us to try and save our Lottery terminal. Who knows you may become a millionaire in the process!

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1 Response to Threat to Lottery Terminal

  1. George Preston says:

    Like so many village stores around the country, they all bemoan the lack of local supprt. Yet they all seem to fail in the same way. When will they learn that they can’t sell empty shelves !!! Put some stock in and you just might sell it.
    Being involved with small village shops in the past I can assure you that it works. Nobody will use a shop that only has a few lines of junk in it and some over priced “local” produce. Talk to the suppliers, surely with no huge delivery costs they can do you a better deal?
    In short, stop moaning about falling sales and give the customer something to buy.

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