Nine Teams in Willoughby Pub Quiz

Thirty six players made up nine teams that had turned up to take part in Quiz Night at the Willoughby Arms.

Lots of regular quizzers with one or two new faces;  HMG made up of three archaeologists, popped into the pub on Monday saw the flyer for the quiz and came back to play; which just shows that it pays to advertise.

Fireworks made up the picture round; the old fashioned type like from years gone by, jumping jack, roman candle, not forgetting the (now banned) banger.

The music round, tenuously linked to bonfire night went down well, not so many moans and groans – Jumping Jack Flash, Boom Bang-a-Bang, Rocket Man, We Didn’t Start The Fire, not forgetting Something’s Burning by Kenny Rogers.

Weird Fish were down to two players this month, Lone Ranger and Tonto also two players sat not too far away, I wonder how they would have done if they had joined forces for the evening?

In fourth place were United Staits with 131, third place Buffer Stops with 133, in second HMG with 138 but congratulations this month go to Please Repeat the Question with 141 points.

The Christmas Quiz – slightly different format, not so many questions, with
bonus points for santa hats or Christmas fancy dress. Tuesday 11th December.