Willoughby Arms Quiz Report : 02/04/2013

It was Tuesday 2nd April and quiz night at the Willoughby Arms, not as many players as usual but even so it was an enjoyable evening.

The picture round was catchphrases (as in the television programme) who’d have thought they’d be bringing that back after all of these years.  Communication was the theme for this month’s music round which included Distant Drums by Jim Reeves, Telephone Line by the Electric Light Orchestra not forgetting Can the Can by Suzi Quattro. For anyone who doesn’t know why can the can is linked to communication ask an older relative or a boy scout.

There were rounds on general knowledge, geography, history and sport plus a round on Rock set by one of the locals (Duncan Slater) on Tuesday we learned approximately how much money Blackpool rock generated in 2011.

We’re losing a couple of our players this year when they head off to Saudi (it’s work so they don’t have any choice) but we’ll mss them and wish them well – but what will Ian do without them?

At the end of the evening the scores were fairly close; Buffer Stops were fourth with 104 points, in third were United Staits with 109 points, in second place were Altogether Now with 121 points but congratulations this month go to Done Tiling with a score of 123.

Score sheet (02-04-13)

The final quiz of the season will be on Tuesday 7th May.