Where is my FTTC Cabinet?

Not 100% sure where your local FTTC cabinet is? We’ve just made this map showing the locations of them.

To find out which is your cabinet, use the on-line checker at www.dslchecker.bt.com.

FTTC Cabinet 1 Clipsham Road, Stretton.

BT Openreach FTTC cabinet

FTTC Cabinet 2 – Little Bytham on High Street on the right hand side, as you come in from Castle Bytham.


FTTC Cabinet 3Still to find this one…

FTTC Cabinet 4Castle Bytham on the on High Street, on the opposite side of the road from the Castle Inn.


FTTC Cabinet 5Cross roads in Castle Bytham.


FTTC Cabinet 6 Clipsham, on New Road.

BT Openreach FTTC cabinet