Bonfire Night


Big Local Bonfire Party Success (added : 06/12/11 : MG)

From the Glenside News, December 2011 …

Following up on the succes of last year, once again the skies of Castle Bytham were lit up with a spectacular display of fireworks on November 5th.  The event was extremely well attended and enjoyed by young and old alike.

Once again the Bythams Bar and Grill Team pulled the rabbit out of the hat – with special thanks to all our helpers who manned up the food and drink and offered to take round the donation buckets on the night.  Many people probably don’t realise just how much time and effort is put into events such as the Bonfire Night.  Without the help of all our willing volunteers who come and help us put up the marquees (and take them down the following day) , collect wood for the bonfire (not only on the day, but the weekend before), make the soups and muck in – all of this can take up for most of us the majority of the weekend.  So a big thank you to all those volunteers who helped to make the event such a success and gave your time so willingly!

Thank you to all the people who donated wood for the bonfire and sorry if we could not get round to everyone.  Anyone who would like to volunteer their services next year will be welcome. Finally a huge thank you to the Summer Fair Committee and Parish Council for theri support which enabled the event to go ahead – and a special word of thanks to Geoff Hix for allowing us to use his field for the whole event.  Without him, it would not have been possible.

Ian and Fiona Broadbent


Added : 06/12/11 : MG

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