Cycling is becoming more and more popular in the UK and the activity is being encouraged at all levels.  Cycling in theBythams area is enjoyed by people of all ages, some simply enjoying healthy outdoor recreation, some a fun free-activity as a family and also, increasingly, groups of cyclists riding anything from road racing bikes to off-terrain or mountain bikes – the later of whom seem to use it as an excuse for a pint at the Willoughby!

As this section has grown we have split it into the following sub-sections …

Local Cycle Routes
… cycle routes of varying lengths that start and finish in Castle Bytham or Little Bytham.

Cycling at Grimsthorpe Castle
… details of the cycle trails marked out on the Grimsthorpe Estate and cycle hire available.

Cycling Round Rutland Water
… details of the cycle trails around Rutland Water and those taking you there from surrounding villages.

Cycling in Local Woods
… details of cycle trails to and in local woods maintained by the Forestry England.

Peterborough’ Millennium Green Wheel
… details of the circular cycle route around Peterborough and its surrounding villages.

Sustrans : National Cycle Network
…details of National Cycle Routes that pass close to theBythams area.

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