… to and in local woodland

The Forestry England maintains a number of woodland areas in and around theBythams area which are suitable for, mostly, off-road cycling in.

As this section has grown it has been split into the following sections in order of distance from theBythams area …

Yew Tree Avenue
… an avenue of 150 clipped yew trees, many over 200 years old.

Bourne Wood
… a mixed woodland through which the Lincolnshire Cycle Route runs.

Morkery Wood
… a wood once used as an ammunition and bomb store during World War II

Twyford Wood
… a wood with relics of a former air-force base now the home of rare butterflies.

Temple Wood
… the quietest of our local woodlands with many birds, including buzzards, and deer.

Southey Wood
… part of the ancient Royal Forest of Rockingham

Wakerley Wood
… a wood on the site of a C13th deer park which is rich in archaeological remains.

Fineshade Wood
… a woodland that was formerly coppiced for centuries with a visitor and red kite centre.

For further information about woodland within theBythams area …
Tel: +44(0)1780 444920
Email: northants@forestry.gsi.gov.uk
Web: www.forestryengland.uk

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