Cycling … Bourne Wood

Bourne Wood is a mixture of ancient woodland with mixed conifer and semi-natural broad leaf trees.  Gradually the whole woodland will be returned to native broad leaf woodland under the ‘Ancient Woodland  Project’. Kingfishers and herons are often seen around ponds in the middle of the wood.

Cycling is permitted throughout Bourne Wood and the Lincolnshire Cycle Route runs through the wood from north to south.  Bourne Woods are 7½ miles from Little Bytham, and 8½ miles from Castle Bytham, by minor roads and the, often busy, A6121 and A151.  There is a free car park on site if you prefer to not cycle there.

After visiting Bourne Woods you could cycle a further 2½ miles west along the A151 to Grimsthorpe Castle or east for 1½ miles along the same road to the small town of Bourne.

Added : 22/04/11 : MG

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