Cycling … Temple Wood

Temple Wood is one of the quieter woodland areas around theBythams.  It is rich in semi-natural oak and ash and remains largely unspoilt. Because of its quite, unspoilt nature you are likely to see many birds in the wood – everything from the small goldcrest to larger buzzards – and deer including the smaller muntjac or barking deer.

Cycling is permitted throughout Temple Wood which has concrete tracks in its western section – a remnant from its use to supply an adjacent former airfield – making for easy cycling.  Access to the wood is via a narrow country lane from the village of Aslackby which is located 6 miles north of Bourne.  Because of this cycling to it from theBythams area is via a circuitous route – you will see the wood from its southern, eastern and northern sides before finally gaining access to it through it north west corner! Temple Wood is 14 miles from Little Bytham by minor roads, and 15 miles from Castle Bytham, by mostly minor roads with a short ½ mile section, a third of the way along the route, along the often busy A151.  There is a free car park on site if you prefer to not cycle there.

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