Cycling … Yew Tree Avenue

Yew Tree Avenue is located just under a mile to the east of the village of Clipsham on the road to Castle Bytham.  The avenue, which was once the carriage drive to Clipsham Hall – the centre of the Clipsham Estate, is a unique collection of 150 clipped yew trees, many of which are over 200 years old. The topiary was begun in 1870 by Amos Alexander, the estate’s Head Forester, who lived in the gate lodge at the foot of the avenue.  The Forestry England took over the management of the Avenue after World War II, when it had become overgrown, and now days the clipping is carried out each autumn by the Forestry England’s local craftsmen.

Cycling is permitted in throughout the woods and along the Yew Tree Avenue.  The Avenue is 2½ miles from Little Bytham, and 1½ miles from Castle Bytham, by minor roads. There is also a free car park on site if you prefer to not cycle to the Avenue.

After visiting the Avenue its well worth cycling just under 1 mile to the lovely village of Clipsham and the Olive Branch for suitable refreshment.

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