Glenside News Editorial : November 1995

This was the last editorial written for the magazine by Mildred Phillipson who, in the same month, handed over the editorship of the magazine to Peter Cox.

Volume 17 Issue 7 (?? Edition)

From Mildred Phillipson …

‘The old order changeth, giving place to new’

As you would see, from the Rectors notes in last months Glenside News, we are having a change of editor, and are pleased to report that Peter Cox, of ‘Hawthorns’, Castlegate, Castle Bytham, has nobly volunteered to take on this very enjoyable but, it must be admitted, onerous task.

We are, indeed, extremely grateful to Peter and also, to Jackie and Joan who are carrying out other very interesting jobs.  [Jackie Mobbs had become the magazines Children’s Page editor and Joan Smith its Treasurer]

This leaves your original team of four (two of whom have been on the ‘running track’ since the magazines inception in May 1979) free to do the rewarding duties of ‘representing’ you all in your respective villages.  And we thoroughly enjoy doing this – it keeps us in touch with you all.  Some of you my prefer to send your contributions direct to the Editor – its up to you.

And now for a personal note from your erstwhile Editor.  Having successfully emerged from the suffocating effects of a pile of wet blankets – “It’s a good idea, you know, but you won’t be able to keep it up.  You won’t get enough to fill it every month!”.  But did we?  Our problem has been, more often than not, what to leave out, rather than what to put in.

Having said that, I would like to record my very grateful thanks to the original die-hards who were there at the beginning.  The first reps, were myself as Editor and for Castle Bytham, Sheila Jones and Marilyn Turner for Little Bytham and Barbara Cooper for Careby.   We feel that Barbara was just a little more than a founder as she it was who thought of a suitable name that has been in use ever since, (an alternative suggestion had been ‘Village Gossip’ – perish the thought!!) but she also drew, by hand, the first cover and all the advertisements, both lettering and drawings.  In fact, the present cover incoporates her drawings representing our four parishes (the lake being for Holywell as it no longer has a church in use, and Creeton not at that time being in our group of parishes).

We used to meet every month at one of our houses to arrange the next issue.  Eventually Marilyn left the parish, and Barbara found she had little time to spare from her ever-increasing commitments to her dogs, and so resigned.  But she still keeps in touch as is apparent from her advertisement and articles in recent numbers.  Careby appointed Rene Edinborough as their rep. and very nobly she has fulfilled her duties.

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