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Norfolk International Jamboree August 1995 (from the Glenside News October 1995 : 15/01/12 : MG)

From Peter Richards, age 10, Little Bytham …

I was lucky enough to go to the Norfolk Jamboree with Corby Glen Scout Troop in August (1995).  I had a very enjoyable and exciting time.  In all there were over 5000 Scouts there from all over the globe.  I met Scouts and Guides from many different countries, Italy, Spain, Israel etc.  One of the things we did was watch the film Jurassic Park on a big screen, while we sat outside in a field.  Another day we went by coach to Cromer beach and we had a lot of fun and a very good time.  As it was very hot, some of the things we did took place in the shade, one of these was to make hand puppets. I brought a box full home with me.

The thing I think that I enjoyed the most was sailing as I had never done this before.  There was a teacher and three Scouts in each boat on a lake 10 minutes from the camp site.  We had about one hour sailing and it was lovely.

It was a very enjoyable camp and I am very pleased I went.

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