Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 03/06/15

As reported in the The Glenside News – August 2015


Cllr Dennis (Chairman), Cllrs Allsopp, Beese, Candler, Hinton, Martindale, Webber


Cllrs Goodman and Harvey

In Attendance

District Councillor Mr M Wilkins, Mr G Booth Internal Auditor

Approved Record of the Meeting held on 13 May 2015

The record of the meeting held on 13 May 2015 was approved as minutes and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Candler, seconded by Cllr Hinton, all in favour.


Geoff Booth had carried out the Internal Audit and presented his report on bank reconciliation, reconciliation of income and expenditure, variance analysis, other risk areas.  Geoff reminded the Parish Council that the Melton Building Society book needed to be updated to show interest gained and that all consecutive playing field inspections should be minuted. The Assets Register have been transferred to a spreadsheet which will be circulated to the Councillors.  The audit form was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk; it was proposed by Cllr Martindale, seconded by Cllr Allsopp, to approve the Annual Return which will be sent to Grant Thornton, external auditors.

Annual Accounts

The Payments and Receipts book was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk after approval of the Annual Accounts.

Risk Assessment

The Councillors carried out the Annual Risk Assessment.  The book will be transferred to a spreadsheet to be circulated to the Councillors.


S15/1223 – Mr P Smith, Roch D’Or, Water Lane, Castle Bytham
Loft conversion to include installation of dormer windows, installation of Juliet balconies on side elevation.
The Councillors were in favour of the application.

S15/1328 – Mrs J Kaye, 1A Castlegate, Castle Bytham
Garden Shed
Cllr Candler declared a personal interest.  The Parish Council was not sent any documentation regarding the heat pump shown on the drawings next to the shed; Cllr Wilkins to speak to the Planning Officer in charge of the application, regarding confirmation that the heat pump is part of an approved application.
Cllr Wilkins suggested the Parish Council discuss both the shed and heat pump; comments to be sent back to SKDC explaining the situation.  The Councillors had no objections to the application for a shed but objected to the heat pump at that location as it was a source of intrusive noise pollution for next door neighbours – the Councillors suggested the heat pump be totally enclosed, sound proofed and insulated.

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