Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 03/11/10

As reported in the The Glenside News – February 2011


Cllr Dennis (Chairman), Cllr Hinton (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Allsopp, Blunt, Butler, Hamblin, Sale, Williams


Cllr Bakker

In Attendance

District Cllr Mrs M Radley, Mr Frampton (Dr Burston’s Planning Consultant)

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The record of the meeting held on 20 October 2010 was approved.

Mr Frampton’s Presentation for Development at the Old Quarry

At present SKDC has granted planning permission to Dr Burston for 15 affordable dwellings, a nursing home and a health centre (for use by the retirement community only, the original idea of a replacement surgery for the village has not progressed); planning permission for 26 light industrial units is still extant.

Mr Frampton outlined his proposal for a continuing care community, with people able to either live in their own homes, sheltered housing or nursing home as their needs change – the emerging proposal is for a 60 place nursing home, a 60 place dementia unit, 50 extra care homes.  There would be 24/7 care on a 3 shift basis, with 90 staff. A gymnasium, restaurant and clubs are also planned. Mr Frampton has had one meeting with the local planning authority.  Although the Old Quarry had Light Industrial status, this is no longer an obstacle since the introduction of the new Core Strategy.

Councillors raised various concerns: the approach roads to the village are not appropriate for the additional traffic the proposal would generate – staff, service vehicle, visitors. The size of the village would be increased by 1/3, which is too large for the community to absorb. The location is wrong, the Core Strategy states that such developments should be built on the edge of towns; it is not feasible fr people to be living in a pit, a long walk from the village centre, surrounded by white walls, 9 miles from the closest town – making visits from elderly relatives/friends difficult. An air quality assessment should be carried out. Market research has not been done.

Cllr Radley will obtain a colour copy of the proposal sketch.

Mr Frampton will do a presentation at a public meeting which will take place when the plans are submitted.


Bonfire Fireworks display on 6 November – Cllr Hinton has provided a copy of the firework liability insurance.

The clerk has written to a resident who had expressed concerns about the safety of the display.

The state of the lower bench has been reported to LCC, LCC is passing on the request to varnish the bench to SKDC Street Furniture Department.


Trees in the Conservation Area, section 211 notice. Crown and reduce size of tree identified as T2 and fell tree identified as T1; Rectory Farm, 26 Glen Road, Castle Bytham.  The Councillors had no objections to this application.


B de Heveningham, Swayfield Parish Clerk – copy of the letter sent to LCC and SKDC Planning Departments raising concerns about the lack of public consultation regarding the application for a slurry lagoon at Honey Pot Lane, odour, access to site, risk of leakage.

LCC – Preliminary risk flood assesment. Form with 5 questions on history of surface water flooding in Castle Bytham. Clerk to ask C Wright whether he could circulate on his round robin email.

SKDC – improving the heat efficiency of local homes; on notice board.

Discuss purchase of External Hard Drive for Parish Laptop

Agreed to set a ceiling of £75 for the purchase of an external hard drive for the Parish Council laptop.

Discuss potential expenditure for next financial year

A new minutes book will be required, cost £115.  The May election will cost around £600.


Paid : Linpac ; grit bins (10% discount) £244.28, Wicksteed; 2 swings £201.43

Credited : SKDC; small business tax rate relief for cemetery £24.35

Balance : Current Account £10,809.56, Deposit Account £3954.37



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