Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 12/07/1995

From the Clerk, Mrs J. W. Williams …

The Parish Council meeting which was held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 12 July (1995) at 8.00pm was chaired by the Vice Chairman Councillor Hix.  SKDC Tree Officer had inspected the tree on the Witham Road with the Chairman and the Clerk and had agreed that it was dangerous.  He had promised to write to Highways to back the Parish Council in their efforts.  Councillor Hix suggested that BT might be interested that their telephone wire was in danger.  It was agreed that a request should be made for a light to be moved to shine into the bus shelter at the cross-roads.  A request is to be made for a staggered barrier at the Church Lane end of Cumberland Gardens footpath.  The Chairman Councillor Hamblin had made enquiries and the maintenance period ended on 4 July.  After a few jobs had been done, there would be 28 days advertising before the path would be adopted.  It was hoped that the barrier would be in place by September or October.  The Clerk read letters regarding a proposed weight restriction on the Holywell to Clipsham Road.  The Council objected to the proposed re-routing of heavy vehicles from Clipsham via the crossroads to Holywell.  Holywell Road was considered equally unsuitable.  The matter is now in the hands of the Traffic Sub-Committee.

Under Planning, no objections were made to a proposed extension to 29 Station Road but Councillors objected strongly to a proposed Change of Use at Potters Hill from Agricultural to Light Industry.  Although breeding of rare birds was the stated reason, refrigeration of food was also involved and the Council thought the site unsuitable.  The Parish Paths Partnership was discussed.  The Parish Council are waiting for Lincolnshire County Council to set up their publicity before the grant agreement can be signed.  Mr Richard Foers is to set up a committee which will include two members of the Council.

The renovation of the cemetery was discussed.   Metal markers were examined but it was agreed oak posts would look better.  Councillor Tarling suggested a trench filled with gravel into which the markers would be set and Councillor Hamblin had suggested filling kerbs of old graves with gravel.  The council were in agreement.  The Clerk had details of Community Service which was being considered as a workforce.  Quotes are to be sought for the posts.

The Cemetery charges were examined and an increase agreed.  The Clerk said the auditors expected an increase to be made about every two years.

The car accident in the pond was discussed.  The Clerk said Councillor Hamblin had spoken with Highways and with Mrs Windsor who had been very co-operative.  The accident was caused by the blow out of a rear tyre and the car was fully insured.  The Clerk asked the Parish Council to give authorization to Councillor Hamblin and Councillor Hix to deal with matters so that the railings at the pond could be replaced as soon as possible and this was agreed.  Councillors asked if the debris in the pond and the grille on the sluice be included in the quotes.  Councillor Allsopp complained about glass on the village green.  A tree on Counthorpe Road was reported dangerous and problems with parking at the top of Glen Road were to be reported to the police.

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