Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 13/05/15

As reported in the The Glenside News – August 2015


Cllr Dennis (Chairman), Cllr  Harvey (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Allsopp, Beese, Candler, Goodman, Hinton, Webber


Cllr Martindale

In Attendance

County Cllr Mr B Adams, District Councillor Mr M Watkins, Honorary Water Bailiff and 7 members of the public.

Approved Record of the Meeting held on 15 April 2015

The record of the meeting held on 15 April 2015 was approved as minutes and signed by the Chairman after correction of ‘not’ to ‘note’ in Item 1. Proposed by Cllr Allsopp, seconded by Cllr Beese, all in favour.

Matters Arising

With reference to 15 April minutes, Cllr Hinton confirmed that he had had a telephone conversation with Dr Burston.

Regarding the elections, the Councillors felt SKDC had been too slow in publishing the results for Castle Bytham; Cllr Wilkins will take comments back to SKDC.

Standing Orders

Deferred until next meeting

Discuss Cost of New Base for Shed at rear of 35 Glen Road

The Councillors voted in favour of spending £350 for a new base to be built for a shed in the garden of 35 Glen Road.  Proposed by Cllr Hinton, seconded by Cllr Allsopp.  Clerk to ask Sean Doran whether he would take the old base away.

Pond Matters

The Water Bailiff will be appointed at the next meeting; the pond management plan will come under the umbrella of the Amenities Committee once the latter has been set up at the 24 June Meeting. Cllrs Hinton and Martindale to give a report in June.

A letter of complaint against the Water Bailiff from a member of the public was read out by the Chairman.  The Water Bailiff chose to answer the allegations and did not see the need for a meeting with Councillors to discuss the matter further.  The Councillors felt that the letter should not have been read out in public and that the Water Bailiff should have had sight of it before the Meeting.  The Chairman apologised to the Water Bailiff.  Clerk to answer the member of the public to say the matter had been brought to the attention of the Parish Council who were not in a position to deal with the problem and that the matter was now closed.

Old Quarry Matters

The Parish Council asked Dr Burston through the intermediary Mr Frampton to confirm the possibility the Old Quarry could be sold to a group of Travellers should the latest planning application not be granted.  Dr Burston replied via Mr Frampton that he had no comment.  Cllr Cartwright, SKDC, wrote that the Old Quarry had not been designated a Travellers Site in the Core Strategy; a copy of Cllr Cartwright’s statement will appear in the June issue of Glenside News.

Community Wildlife Grant

Deferred until the next meeting.

BT Adopt a Kiosk Scheme

Deferred until the next meeting.

Playing Field Matters

Cllr Hinton carried out a safety inspection on 30 April 2015.


Graham Potter is the new Partnership and Development Officer looking after the Learning Communities Network.

Clerks and Councils Direct – May 2015 issue


The following applications have received planning permission from SKDC …

S15/0739  Mr D Buik, Rectory Farm, Glen Road, Castle Bytham
Fell 1 willow and 1 leylandi, reduce cherry tree by 20%

S15/0755  Mrs P Dickinson, 3 Glen Road, Castle Bytham
Pollarding of willow tree


Credited ..
SKDC – Community Cleaner Grant – £169
LCC – Grant towards Pinfold Road Noticeboard – £500

Account ratified …
M Wright – Cemetery and Upper Green – £120

Accounts Approved …
R Webster – Playing Field – £66
LCC – Vehicle activated reactive sign, instalment 2 of 5 – £1020

There is a credit of £1.23 from Anglia Water for the cemetery


Cllr Candler remarked that some grounding of wires for fast broadband was taking place in the Conservation Area but that poles being put up.  The matter is being investigated.

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