Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 14/12/10

As reported in the The Glenside News – March 2011


Cllr Dennis (Chairman), Cllr Hinton (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Allsopp, Bakker, Blunt, Butler, Hamblin, Sale, Williams



In Attendance

PCSO M Bramich

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The record of the meeting held on 3 November 2010 was approved.


An update on the proposed development by Whites Recycling for a slurry lagoon at Honey Pot Lane was sent by J Hannam, Colsterworth Clerk; the comprehensive report and photographs compiled by Cllr Williams following a site visit was also available to be consulted.

The external hard drive for the Parish Council laptop has been purchased, at a cost of £53.99.

Draft Response to LCC Assistant Chief Executive regarding Complaint Reference 0000965895

The Councillors agreed not to take the matter to the Ombudsman.  Chairman to answer the Assistant Chief Executive stressing that the Parish Council was aware of failings on the part of LCC but had decided not to press the matter further; it will also be emphasised that notices of LCC planning applications should appear in both the Stamford Mercury and the Grantham Journal.

Purchase Christmas Tree for Upper Green

The Councillors voted unanimously in favour of the purchase of a 15ft Christmas tree for the Upper Green, at a cost of £95.

Precept 2011/12

The Councillors voted in favour of keeping the Precept 2011/12 at the same level as that for 2010/11 – £6300.  Band D equivalent £20.73.

SKDC has asked for indicative requirements for the three following years; the Councillors voted unanimously on a 5% year on year increase – 2012/13 – £6615, 2013/14 – £6946, 2014/15 – £7293.

Public Consultation Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document

Agreed to stress that the Parish Council had made its views known on Sites Allocation as well as Additional Sites Allocation and had nothing further to add.  The fact that Castle Bytham was designated as a LSC in error because criteria were wrong will be reiterated; although the mistake cannot be altered until a review takes place, all departments should be aware of this fact.  The Parish Council were overwhelmingly in favour.


S10/2652 – Mr Adrian Morgan, Plantation Farm, Morkery  Lane, Castle Bytham.  Erection of  storage building.  No objections.

Presentation Playing Field Development

The three swing seats have been replaced, the multi goal unit has been installed, wild bluebell bulbs have been planted, one replacement picnic table has been purchased by the Fair Committee, and that additional benches could be funded from The Lottery Grant in the Spring. There are sufficient funds from the grants for a turret and slide on the mound, (approximate cost £2700).  Proposed to wait and see how much the field is used before deciding on whether to build a car park on site.  With one abstention, all Councillors were in favour.

Cemetery Matters : Memorials; top soil.

A request for a second inscription on a memorial and a request for a new memorial were approved.  To look into the purchase of 2/3 tonnes of top soil required by M Wright to even out the ground.

Suggestions for 29 April 2011 – Royal Wedding

Unanimously in favour of giving permission for the laying field to be used for village celebrations on 29 April 2011.  The Parish Council will not stage its own event on that day, but will focus on the 2012 Diamond Jubilee.


Ratified :
M Wright; mowing at the cemetery, upper green, playing field £175
S Robinson; reimbursement British Legion wreath £20
Lites PC; external hard drive £53.99
Veolia; playing field mowing, October £43.57

Paid  :
Snowbird; Upper Green Christmas tree £95
P Hinton; reimbursement playing field bulbs £117.55
Playsafe Playgrounds Limited; playing field multi goal unit £4150.10

Balance at 30 November 2010 : Current Account £10,080.24, Deposit Account £3954.37


Letter from a resident regarding the safety of pavements and roads in the village in the icy/snowy conditions.  Chairman to answer – three additional grit bins have been purchased by the Parish Council and are filled by LCC; a copy of the LCC letter on self help in winter weather will be forwarded to the resident.


A map of spots to be cleared in the next snow falls will be drawn up.

There are concerns from residents regarding uncovered manholes at the village pump; this matter will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

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