Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 20/10/10

As reported in the The Glenside News – December 2010


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Minutes of the Last Meeting

The following addition was made to item 6: “Cllr Hinton should have declared an interest but this does not affect the result of the vote”. The record of the meeting held on 22 September 2010 was subsequently approved and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Hamblin, seconded by Cllr Allsopp.

Discussion financial contribution to playing field bonfire night party

A resident had expressed concerns about risks to neighbouring properties from sparks during the firework display planned by the Midsummer Fair Committee on 6 November 2010. Cllr Hinton explained that the risk assessment had taken into account adjacent properties and on the day weather conditions will be taken into account.  The display will be carried out by a professional fireworks company and only fireworks under control of the display will be allowed on the field. Public liability insurance has been taken out.  Residents near the playing field  had been sent an informative letter about the event. The Parish Council has given permission to the Midsummer Fair Committee for the field to be used for the fireworks display but is not accountable for the latter. Section 145 of the Local Government Act states that Parish Councils are allowed to make financial contributions for entertainments and Clement Keys, external auditors, had no objections to the Parish Council donating to the event. A vote was taken on donating £200 to the playing field bonfire party; Cllr Hinton declared an interest and did not vote – the motion was carried.


The following applications have received planning permission from SKDC …

Dr D Burston – erection of 15 affordable dwellings at The Old Quarry, Station Road, Castle Bytham.

Dr D Burston – erection of nursing home at The Old Quarry, Station Road, Castle Bytham.

Mr Frampton, Dr Burston’s planning consultant, has written to the Parish Council wishing to come and present a concept plan for a ‘retirement community’ at The Old Quarry and answer questions from the Parish Council. Clerk to invite Mr Frampton to 3 November meeting.  Mr Frampton referred to planning permission having been granted for the two applications aforementioned, and also for Community Health Centre.  The Parish Council has not been advised of the latter having been granted planning permission; clerk to check with SKDC.

S Mellows – extension to dwelling at 10A Cumberland Gardens, Castle Bytham.

Discuss where to locate the two new grit bins

The Councillors unanimously voted in favour of placing one bin on Clipsham Road between Regal Gardens and Bytham Heights and the other on Chapel Hill, at the beginning of Cumberland Gardens – they will both be filled free of charge by LCC.  The Councillors voted unanimously in favour of purchasing another grit bin to place at the top of Water Lane; clerk to ask whether a discount could be applicable as this will be the sixth grit bin ordered from Linpac.  Highways to be asked to put some salt in the High Street grit bin, which only contains sand at present.


Paid …
Veolia; playing field mowing £87.14
M Cooke; reimbursement McAfee 3 year renewal £104.99
Midsummer Fair Committee; donation for bonfire night fireworks display £200

Balance : Current Account £2363.72, Deposit Account £3954.37


a)  AGM Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association, 17 November 2010

b) Funeral Bier – the Councillors are considering offering its use to local undertakers

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