Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 21/09/11

As reported in the The Glenside News – November 2011


Cllr Dennis (Chairman), Cllr Hinton (Vice-Chairman) Cllrs Allsopp, Beese, Hinton, Miller, Sale, Williams


Cllr Mr M Wilkins

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The record of the meeting held on 24 August 2011 were approved and signed by the Chairman.  Proposed by Cllr Allsopp, seconded by Cllr Miller.

Matters Arising

The Clerk has written to SKDC Housing Department regarding the trailer attached to railings at the bungalows opposite the surgery.  The matter is being dealt with.

Highways regional manager Mr K Brumfield met with Cllr Dennis on 12 September; Mr Brumfield was impressed with the amount the Parish Council has spent on additional grit bins and has promised two more from next year’s budget.  There is a winter maintenance meeting for Parish Councils on 11 October between 17.00 and 19.00 at Council Office, Grantham.

Clerk to organise a site meeting with LCC and SKDC regarding parking problems in Glen Road.  SKDC are housing young families with cars in the senior citizens bungalows which have no parking facilities; Mr Brumfield recommended widening the entrance to the bungalows and creating a parking area for 3 or 4 cars.  The proposed parking area opposite the surgery in the High Street will also be discussed.

Mr Brumfield will deal with the clogged water run-offs in Water Lane and the road subsiding in Pinfold Road,  There are no funds to deal with the small potholes on Castle Bytham to Holywell Road; these were repaired but have shed the new fill-in repairs.


S11/1992 Mr and Mrs Plummer, 2 Pinfold Road, Castle Bytham.  Single storey extension to side/rear of dwelling.  No objections.

S11/1459 Mr Peter Cox, 23 High Street, Castle Bytham.  Like for like reinstatement of fire damaged roof.  No objections.

Cemetery Matters

Review of fees and consdier whether to carry out gravestone repairs

A committee, whose members are Cllr Hinton and Cllr Williams, was created to carry out a review of fees.  Cllr Williams to borrow tool from Cllr Allsopp in order to compact the soil around the loose headstones.  The Councillors voted against more extensive and expensive repairs.


Copy of letter from resident to SKDC regarding the replacement of a garden hedge with a wall.  Clerk to acknowledge receipt and ask whether planning permission will be required and also find out from SKDC what the legislation is regarding the building of garden walls.

Email from Mr C Coy, SKDC’s enforcement officer; Mr Coy is aware of the two caravans parked in front of a house undergoing improvement work and is monitoring the situation.

LCC Parish Paths Partnership reminding Parish Council to submit a grant application for this financial year.

Mr N Mapletoft, Zurich Insurance will get back to the Clerk regarding the insurance implications should the Parish Council purchase a grit spreader.

Grantham Dramatic Society requiring permission to film a video in Castle Bytham, no objections; clerk to reply and ask the Parish Council to be kept informed.

Email from Marlowe Bramwich, Police Community Support Officer.  Mr Bramwich attended the last meeting but had to leave early to attend to an incident. Anything suspicious in the village should be reported on 03001110300

Community Lincs Annual Review and autumn debate, 29 September, Washinborough.

Globe Consultants Limited regarding Localism Bill

Rutland County Council – LDF consultation


Approved …
R Webster, playing field mowing £84 (100876)
M Cooke, village pump grille reimbusement (100877)

To be credited …
SKDC, non-domestic rate refund £25.56 (082925)

Any Other Business

Clerk to arrange another English Heritage tour of the remaining castle earthworks.

Date next meeting : Wednesday 5 October, 19.30, village hall.

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