Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 22/09/10

As reported in the The Glenside News – December 2010


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Minutes of the Last Meeting

The record of the meeting held on ???? were approved.


Complaint with LCC Planning Department

The Ombudsman is considering whether to incorporate the 11 letters they have received as a block complaint with LCC Planning Department. LCC have to respond to the Complaint by 29 September 2010 – 12 weeks from the inception of the complaint.

The Chairman has received a letter from Mr O’Connor, LCC Assistant Chief Executive, informing that the complaint has been escalated to Stage 3 of the Complaints Procedure as the Parish Council has already received more than one response from the service area and remains dissatisfied with their comments.  The Chairman has requested an organisational chart of the LCC Planning Department.

Additional Suggested Sites Allocation Consultation

The Clerk has written to the Chairman of Development Control at SKDC regarding the Core Strategy document adopted in July 2010, in which Castle Bytham is listed as one of 16 Local Service Centres, pointing out that the village does not have 7 out of the 9 criteria necessary to qualify as a LSC.  An answer was received from Mr Yates, Strategic Director, Development and Growth, who admitted that the reference to Castle Bytham having a primary school was an error, not picked up at proof reading stage.  The Clerk has replied, asking for all staff involved in planning to be made aware of the fact that Castle Bytham does not qualify as a LSC.  A further letter will be sent, with reference to the December Annual Monitoring Report mentioned by Mr Yates, when the change in facilities present in LSC’s will be monitored – as a result, a review of that aspect of the Core Strategy may be triggered, and by extension the identification of LSC’s; the Parish Council will ask for confirmation that Castle Bytham will no longer be considered as a LSC once the review takes place.

The status of The Old Quarry is still an unanswered question by SKDC; the Parish Council has not been informed of any change from Light Industrial to Residential, yet planning permission has recently been granted by the District Council for 15 affordable houses.  Clerk to ask once more.

The response form regarding suggested sites was filled in.  The Councillors objected to the following: CAS 01 and CAS 02 (land west of Cumberland Gardens and south of Water Lane); these are in the Conservation Area, in what is an attractive view on approaching the village from the west.  The sites would impact on drainage to the lower village.  It would mean expansion into open countryside.  CAS 05 (adjacent Bytham Heights); this would expand the village into open countryside.  CAS 03 (Priory Farm Yard OS 8726 Station Road); the site is close to a Grade 1 listed Church and a Grade 2* listed Priory , there is poor access from the existing road, it would impact on the street scene of an historic part of the village and deny expansion of the existing cemetery.  ADD 11 (The Old Quarry, Station Road); the site is for light industrial use not residential.

A covering letter will state the Parish Council favours gentle development to the village so that newcomers can be integrated into the community.

Half Year Statement of Accounts

April – September 2010.  Income £7073.47.  Expenditure £5503.54.  Current Account £2359.28.  Deposit Account £3953.39.  It was proposed by Cllr Hinton and seconded by Cllr Hamblin to accept the accounts; all in favour.

Discuss Financial Contribution to Bonfire Night Party on Playing Field

It was proposed by Cllr Hinton and seconded by Cllr Williams to give permission for the playing field to be used for a bonfire night party; all in favour.  Glen Road residents will be asked for their opinion.  A vote was taken regarding a £200 contribution from the Parish Council; the motion was carried.  Clerk to check with Clement Keys whether it would be appropriate for the Parish Council to spend Precept money for this event.  Cllr Hinton should have declared an interest but this does not affect the result of the vote.

Renewal McAfee Internet Security for Parish Council’s laptop

It was proposed by Cllr Hinton and seconded by Cllr Sale to renew the McAfee subscription for 3 years, at a cost of £104.99; all in favour.

RoSPA Report

An inspection of the playing field area took place on 18 August 2010.  The report advises securing the service gate when not in use, timber preservation on the picnic table and seats, replacement of decayed components on the fence.  Cllr Hinton is obtaining an itemised quote on work to be carried out.  The Fair Committee will replace the picnic tables.  The playing field development will be on the agenda at the next meeting to discuss suggestions from Cllr Hinton – site visit to be arranged.


Clement Keys have completed the audit; the notice of closure of the audit and a copy of the document are on the notice board.


Steve Mellows, 10A Cumberland Gardens, Castle Bytham. Extension to dwelling. The application was approved unanimously.

SKDC have granted planning permission to the following applications …

Mr and Mrs D Taylor, 49 High Street – insertion of dormer windows to front elevation.

Mr Ellington, 7 Clipsham Road – two storey side extension.

Mr R Brownlow, 4 Glen Road – internal stud wall, alterations to guttering and insertion of extractor fan.


The paperwork for the £9000 playing field grant has been completed by Cllr Hinton.

The Lower Green bench needs to be varnished; clerk to advise LCC.

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