Castle Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 26/01/11

As reported in the The Glenside News – March 2011


Cllr Dennis (Chairman), Cllrs Bakker, Blunt, Butler, Sale, Williams


Cllrs Dennis, Hinton, Allsopp

In Attendance

District Cllr Mrs M Radley, one member of the public

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The record of the meeting held on 14 December 2010 was approved.



Insurance Matters

Additional grit bins and playing field equipment have been added to the policy; the insurers are sending a new schedule.

Request for Financial Assistance from the PCC

The PCC would like a contribution towards repairs to the church roof.  The Councillors would like to see the PCC‘s accounts in order to ascertain their contribution.

Request for Financial Assistance from Lincolnshire Playing Fields Association

The Councillors decided against a donation.

Discuss Royal British Legion‘s 90th Birthday in June 2011

It will be suggested to the Fair Committee that they may offer a free stall to the Royal British Legion at the Midsummer Fair.

Discuss The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

The letter from the Secretary of State will be forwarded to Cllr Hinton.


S11/0118 – Mrs S Grayson, 11 Bytham Heights, Castle Bytham.  Extension to the north gable and to the rear of the existing bungalow.  The Councillors had concerns about the narrow space that would be left between the proposed extended property and the neighbouring property, making cleaning an maintenance impossible.

SKDC has granted planning permission to planning application S10/2652 – storage building at Plantation Lodge Farm, Morkery Lane, Castle Bytham.

Village Pump

Deferred until the next meeting.


SKDC – cancellation of Standards Committee on 7 January 2011

SKDC – Parish Council elections will most likely be held on 5 May 2011.  Once this date is confirmed, the notice of election will be published at the latest by 25 March.

LCC – DirectLinc to go live on 26 January 2011; community issues can be reported by Councillors Parish Clerks and Neighbourhood Police Teams within South Kesteven.  In order to log on people will need to register using their email address at; upon registration a guide will be received on how to use the system.  Alternatively a customer service advisor can be contacted on 01522 782198.  For any problems with registering contact the co-ordinator at or on 01522 782198.

The Journal of Local Planning – Localism Bill: real planning powers handed to the Parishes.  A copy to be given to every Councillor.

LCC – English concessionary travel scheme; from 1 April 2011 responsibility for bus passes will transfer from SKDC to LCC.

Witham on the Hill Neighbourhood Policing Team area update.  Next Panel Meeting, 6 April 2011, 18.30, Witham on the Hill village hall.

Cllr Hinton – an LCC footpaths grant has been obtained as well as two fre stock friendly swing gates for foothpaths; the Councillors would like to invite the Footpaths Officer to the next meeting.

Best Kept Village Competition

Deferred until the next meeting.

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership Project

The Lincolnshire Active Community Network was launched by LCC and Lincolnshire Sports Partnership in September 2010 in order to develop village halls and green spaces so that they can be used for sporting, physical and cultural activities.  The letter will be forwarded to the Village Hall Committee; the Facilities Improvement Manager for the Scheme will be invited to come and speak to the Parish Council at a date to be arranged.


Balance  : Current Account £5715.58, Deposit Account £3954.86

In the future all expenditure will have to be approved in advance by the Parish Council.



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