The following entries have been reproduced from the Glenside News and other local sources …

11 March : Internment of Ashes of Mary June Prentice at Careby
27 February : Funeral of Susan Laurette Cecil Hill at Little Bytham
25 February : Funeral of Albert Ernest Bull at Careby
20 February : Funeral of Anthony James Skellet at Little Bytham

18 January : Internment of Ashes of Neville Edinburgh at Little Bytham

30 November : Internment of Ashes of Winifred Hussey at Creeton
8 February : Funeral of George William Henry Ellington at Castle Bytham
3 February : Funeral of Angela Gillian Anne Foster at Grantham Crematorium
18 January : Funeral of Jack Hand at Little Bytham
11 January : Funeral of Edna Hopkins at Castle Bytham

15 December : Funeral of Trevor Randall Robinson at Castle Bytham
27 September : Funeral of Kathleen Ellen Howitt at Castle Bytham
15 September : Funeral of Joyce Dunn at Castle Bytham
8 March : Funeral of Joan Jones (nee Fenn) at Castle Bytham

5 May : Funeral of Gary Jones at Castle Bytham

23 August : Funeral of Dr James Arthur Bee at Little Bytham
7 August : Funeral of George Henry Hall at Little Bytham
6 July : Funeral of Thomas Harold Bradley at Castle Bytham

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  1. Hello I am wondering if anyone can help–could you please supply me with any information which appeared in The Bythams magazine regarding the funeral of Dr James Bee 23 August 1995?

    I would be most greatful–many thanks

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