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Barbara Cooper is a local author, living in Careby, who published “Forgotten People – The Story of Careby, Holywell & Aunby” – a docu-dramatisation through one thousand years of history, in July 2011.

Barbara was also one of the original four that started the Glenside News parish magazine in May 1979 and took on the role of its representative for Careby.  She resigned from the role at some point before June 1995 due to other growing commitments.  During her time as part of the Glenside team Barbara came up with the magazines title ‘Glenside News’, created many of the advertisements which appeared in the magazine by hand and also created the sketch for the front cover.  The cover sketch Barbara drew included the parish churches of Little Bytham, Castle Bytham and Careby alongside the lake at Holywell – Creeton being omitted as it was not one of the Glenside parishes at the time the magazine started.


Special Pre-Christmas Offer (added : 06/12/11 : MG)

“Forgotten People, An English Rural History” by Barbara Cooper would make an ideal Christmas present.  Even more so at the moment as, if you’ve already purchased one, you can purchase additional copies of the book at the Special Pre-Christmas Offer price of £15.00 per copy (RRP £25.00).

If you’ve not already brought a copy of this absorbing, 300 page, local parish history book which combines history and dramatisation to bring the past to life – if you purchase on at the reduced price of £22.50 now you can still buy additional copies at the offer price of £15.00.

Copies are available from The No.10 Store and the Willoughby Arms in Little Bytham and from the publisher …

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Forgotten People (added : 16/04/11 : MG)

From Barbara’s website

“Forgotten People gives an absorbing glimpse into the past: from early traces of human settlement to the present day. Using documentary evidence, this docu-dramatisation reveals how foreign invasions and the early role of the Church affected the medieval peasant community.

Forgotten People is the best kind of local history, reviving the lost past and contributing to general historical knowledge. It’s rich, absorbing, well researched and very well written.’ Jude Morgan, acclaimed author of Passion and The Taste of Sorrow.

The lives of Careby Manor’s Hatchers, wealthy landowners, politicians and soldiers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries unfold with illuminating snapshots of gentlemen farmers.

The Reynardsons’ influence on Holywell, their transformation of the landscape, the arrival of the railways and the inception of the village school, together with their pursuit of country traditions are explored through revealing anecdotes and excerpts of vivid nineteenth century writing.”

If you would like to order a copy of the book you can do so for £22.50 prior to publication (£25.00 post publication) plus £5.00 P+P by returning an Order Form to the publisher …

Pacific Studio
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