Jottings : November 2011

Castle Bytham Parish Jottings

Whilst chairing a local police panel meeting recently and despite the “Indian Summer” we have enjoyed in the early Autumn, the subject of clearing paths and roads after snow cropped up.  Not something our police can do much about but we tend to drift into concerns about all sorts of public safety issues.  Nonetheless it might be timely to remnd everyone that it is a complete urban myth that individuals should not help keep paths and roads clear of snow.  Although the media seem to enjoy repeating the story about how someone might be sued if someone falls on a cleared path there is absolutely no legal foundation for this belief.  Indeed, in the recent years the Government has gone to great pains to encourage people to be good neighbours and keep paths, including public footpaths, clear of snow.  The Parish Council has increased the number of grit bins and is discussing with Lincolnshire County Council for the provision of yet more.  These of course are for spreading on public paths etc and anyone can get grit from them to help keep the paths safe.  Finally should you find the bin near you getting low please call Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department on 01572 782070 to get them refilled.

I mentioned the Local Police Panel above, this is a regular meeting between our local Police Beat Team and representatives from the various parishes in the beat area.  At the beginning of the meeting there is a public open forum when anyone can raise issues that concern them with our local police. The next meeting will be in Castle Bytham on 11 January 2012 so more about that next month.

As they used to say on Monty Python: “and now for something completely different”.  It will not have escaped your notice that there are two major events in the UK next year.  One has something to do with running and jumping in London; rumour has it that Pat Beese is entered for the Egyptian PT competition and that the Fox and Hounds is entering a Schooner Race team (no name witheld by request, nothing to do with boats, its about beer, oh never mind).  Anyway the other big event is the Queen’s 60th Jubilee.  For the 50th the Fair Committee built the village sign and are now looking for some sort of permanent memorial for the 60th.  Two ideas so far are to repace the fencing around the upper green with something a bit more attractive than the scaffolding fence we now have.  The other is to install two stone ‘planters’, one on the upper green and one at the Clipsham crossroads and persuade the Parish Council to maintain these wih changes of floral displays throughout the year. If you have any thoughts or ideas then please let the Fair Committee or the Parish Council know.

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