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These are numbers from LincsAlert members whereby the callers target has identified them as giving either false information, trying to gain access to computers or trying to obtain personal details.

Current numbers being used across the Lincolnshire region:

01138 338938
01840 144979
01308 986804
01012 172366
02554 780867
02081 331884
09011 726120 – high rate call charge do not ring this number
04333 431 157
01494 937 632
02077 361992
01914 698617
01134 260487
02070 974881
0161 711 1319
0161 711 0546
0239 237 2820
0161 711 0593
01752 707229
+44 333 789 4490
0114 028 7898
01581 730961
02095 501033
01618 540191
01617 110546
01132 6764217
01717 090325
01752 108619
01676 117622
01474 081410
01281 622482
01284 306482


Some of these numbers may be genuine but can be ‘copied’ by fraudulent callers.

Please also ensure any vulnerable family members or friends are advised of the numbers too.

Message Sent By
Gill Finn (Police & NHWN, Community Safety Officer, Police Headquarters)

Bogus TV Licensing : 05/02/2019

Beware an email from TV licensing claiming your payment has not gone through. It’s a scam. Unsure if it is “licence” or “license” they used both. Always look at spelling, grammar and language. They are often a giveaway. You are right to be wary of any unexpected email, especially if it is asking for your bank details. If in doubt don’t click on anything or follow any links. Instead seek advice from someone you trust.

Attempted Shed Break In : 22/07/2018

There has been a shed break in last night between 6:00pm and 7:00am in Castle Bytham, where offenders have removed a screw in the bolt lock to gain access. Nothing is believed to be stolen at this time. If you have any information or have seen anything please call 101 quoting incident 147 of 22/07/2018.


Scam Alert


We have been advised today of a fraudulent phone call circulating in Lincolnshire.

Scam details

A phone call is received by a person purporting to be from ‘Barclays Bank Fraud Dept’ regarding a suspicious payment that has been made on your account.

On this occasion the text number used to verify information is a copycat Barclay’s number.

Also on this occasion personal security questions such as mother maiden name was used and bank account details.

Do not give any information over the telephone and ensure that your phone line has been cleared before you ring your bank to check the authenticity of any contact from your bank. Alternatively, use another phone.

Keep an eye on your bank account for small payments being deducted which could be the first indication that your bank account has been targeted.

Barclays Bank (or any other bank) will NEVER request personal information from you or ask to verify details unless YOU have phoned them first.

Please feel free to pass on this information.

Dogs die in hot cars Alert : 19/06/2017

To avoid any confusion about the action you should take as a member of the public, please see the attached leaflet which will gives you clear and legal instructions on what to do should you come across a distressed dog or other pet in a car.

Please feel free to circulate as required.

Dogs In Hot Cars leaflet – PDF

Criminal damage : 18/06/2016

On the 18th of June 2017, St James church in Castle Bytham was the subject of criminal damage. The offender has damaged the door handle, but has not gain entry to the church. If you have any information that may be link to this crime, please report it to the police on 101, quoting incident number 164 – 18/06/2016.