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Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz

The second in the season of Pub Quiz’s at the Willoughby Arms in Little Bytham takes place on Tuesday 15 November at 8pm.  Teams, of up to 6 people, are welcome to enter for a nominal fee of £1 per person. All proceeds from the November Quiz are being donated to the Friends of Bythams School (FOBS).


Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz : 12 July 2011

The final Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz of the season took place on Tuesday 12 July.  Many of the usual teams managed to make it together with a team of people stopping over the night at the Willoughby.

The teams finished as follows …
1st : No News is Good News, 141pts
2nd : Buffer Stops, 129pts
3rd : United Staites, 121pts
4th : Granger Mean Time, 109pts
5th : Greens, 98pts

Willoughby Pub Quiz : 12 April 2011

Great turn-out for the Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz on Tuesday 12 April.  Some interesting questions and lively banter between the teams made for a good evening.   Final scores, after 10 rounds, were as follows …

1st : Six Pack – 136pts
2nd : Spring Lamb – 124pts
3rd : Ian Warrington is Always Late – 122pts
4th : Small Change – 118pts
5th : United States – 116pts
6th : Easy All Stars – 114pts
7th : Celtic Connection – 106pts
8th : Lucock – 102pts
9th : Buffer Stops – 100pts
10th : Yea + Thin – 78pts

The next Pub quiz takes place on Tuesday 10 May 2011 at 8pm.

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