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Hark the Bytham Carollers Sang

I’d like to thank all those who sang and collected on the night and express our collective gratitude to the many folk who gave so generously. Special mention must also go to Carol, Chris and Carrie Wright who prepped Pepper the pony to stand in for Rudolph and created a fabulous ‘sleigh’, complete with a decorated Christmas tree, lights and a sound system. Grateful thanks also go to Robert and Mary Brownlow for supplying song sheets and en route mince pies, and last but not least to Charlotte and Eamonn at The Castle, for providing festive refreshments before we set off.

It was a fabulous group effort and one that, with your continued support, will hopefully be bettered next year. A provisional date has already been set, Wednesday December 15th, 2010.

Pat Bowles Awarded an MBE

Tireless community stalwart Pat Bowles has been rewarded for her efforts with an MBE in the New Year honours list. Pat, 80, who lives in Castle Bytham, was nominated for the honour for the huge amount of volunteer work she does – including running an international charity aimed at protecting the rare Caspian horse.

She said: “I was somewhat flabbergasted when I found out. It was such a surprise.”

Read more from the Grantham Journal.

Farewell to the Hunter Trials?

It is unfortunate that one of the first articles or pieces of information about the Hunter Trials we have included on theBythams website has to be rather sad news.

From the pages of the Glenside News (April 2003)…

The advertisement for help with the Hunter Trials in last months Glenside News should have started alarm bells ringing somewhere in our community. Plainly it didn’t and the end result could be our loss.

That the Committee has decided in the face of rising costs. faltering enthusiasm and dwindling support, they can no longer run the Trials in the way in which they have been run should not surprise us. The stringent enforcement of Health and Safety rules together with the changes in professional cover do nothing to aid a small event run on an entirely voluntary basis.

For the last 20 years, the Bythams with Creeton and Careby Hunter Trials have been the largest annual fund raising event in our Parishes, providing much needed capital for our Parochial Church Councils and local charities. That help is needed more than ever, a fact recognised only too well by the Hunter Trials Committee, and we understand that they plan to hold en event that is less manpower intensive and less onerous in its execution.

This is to be a Sponsored Ride that will take place on the same day, 4th May 2003, and at the same location, Grimsthorpe Estate. Plainly, receipts will not be as high as in earlier years but we all could and should provide our support to ensure that some sort of event continues to run in furture years.

More GM Crop Trials

Reproduced from the Rutland and Stamford Mercury website …

More genetically modified (GM) crops are set to be grown near Stamford.

Glebe Farm in Castle Bytham is one of 25 new testing sites across the country to be announced by the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions.Organised by the firm Aventis, the aim of the trial is to test the effects of herbicide-tolerant GM oilseed rape on the environment. Last year the Mercury reported trials of GM crops were due to take place near Wansford and in 1998 we revealed trials of GM sugar beet had been sanctioned at farms in Ketton and Pilsgate.

Farmer Geoffrey Hix, of Glebe Farm, Castle Bytham, maintains the GM crops he is about to trial will be safe. He said: I don t think there is a problem with it. It does not involve anything other than doing what we normally do, apart from planting this particular variety alongside a normal variety to assess the impact on the environment. The chemical used on the GM crop has been proved to be safe over the years but instead of fashioning a chemical which is harmless to the crop the crop has been modified to be tolerant of the chemical. In other words it is only the weeds that suffer. We have been selecting farm crops for thousands of years. Modern wheat is totally different from the grass it originated from. People do not realise it has been crossed in laboratory conditions. There is no difference.

But Jane Reid, a director at Pepperidge Herb Nursery in Castle Bytham, only a few miles away from where the crops are to be grown, is concerned. She told the Mercury: We primarily grow herbs for garden centres but we also produce plant material, used to make medicines. It is this material we would be most concerned about. We have a very open view of crop testing because we think some genetic work is very important, however, we are looking to have a meeting with Mr Hix just to see what these trials involve.

John Turner, whose farm in Little Bytham has converted to organic status, is very concerned about the risk posed by the crop trials.He said: We have a couple of years of work invested in the conversion to organic status so we are quite worried about these trials. Aventis recommended buffer zone is 50 metres but the National Pollen Research Council has shown the damage to businesses is of a much wider area. If the Soil Association decide the risk is high they have to test our produce. If they find GM material, we could lose our organic status.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Does anyone reading this enjoy doing jigsaws?  Have you some complete jigsaws you have done several times?  Are you interested in an exchange of jigsaws to keep you occupied in the winter months?

If so, please contact Keith Williams on 410740.  If sufficient people show interest, possibly a session of jigsaw ‘swapping’ can be organised at a mutually convenient time.

Jumble Sale

There will be a Jumble Sale, in aid of the Youth Club and Children’s Christmas Parties Funds, in Castle Bytham Village Hall on Saturday 26 August at 1.30pm.  As well as the sale of jumble there will also be refreshments available and a raffle.

If you have any jumble please leave it at the village hall on the morning of the sale or contact Ann Burrows on 410537 or Di Hill on 410249.

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