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Glenside News is a not-for-profit free monthly magazine produced for the villages of Careby with Aunby and Holywell, Castle Bytham, Creeton with Counthorpe and Little Bytham. The magazine is produced and distributed to each household in the area by volunteers living within the parishes.

The magazine published its first issue in May 1979 and extracts from earlier issues are often reproduced in the current day magazine. Our Glenside News Archives reproduces them online.

Many people have been involved in the Glenside over the years and some of them are listed in the Glenside News People section.

A voluntary subscription system operates for the magazine. Basically if you feel you are able then a donation of £5 per household is welcomed each year.  This should be sent to the Honorary Treasurer Jamie McClaren at 6 Cumberland Gardens, Castle Bytham, NG33 4SQ, tel: 01780 410734

Copy deadlines are as follows …
New Advertising or Amendments to existing Adverts by 13th of the Month
News / Editorial Copy by 15th of the Month

Advertising Rates (correct at June 2015) are as follows …
Full Page : £15 per month, £150 per year
1/2 Page :  £9 per month, £90 per year
1/3 Page :  £6.50 per month, £65 per year
1/4 Page :  £5 per month, £50 per year
1/6 Page :  £5 per month, £40 per year
1/8 Page :  £5 per month, £35 per year

Postal subscriptions, at £15.50 per annum (correct at June 2015), are also welcomed … contact the Editor – information below.

Contact Details …

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Assistant Editor

Hon. Treasurer
Jamie McClaren
6 Cumberland Gardens
Castle Bytham
NG33 4SQ
Tel : +44 (0)1780 410734

Editorial, Articles, Copy and Advertising
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Sue Hinton
16 Cumberland Gardens
Castle Bytham
Tel: +44 (0)1780 410169
Martin Bradshaw
Glen Lodge
Tel: +44 (0)1780 410718

Martin Bradshaw
Glen Lodge
Tel; +44 (0)1780 410718


Careby with Aunby and Holywell
Barbara Cooper
Tel: +44 (0)1780 410580

Castle Bytham
Diana Hill
6 Regal Gardens
Castle Bytham

Creeton with Counthorpe
Anne Garbutt
2 Brownlow Farm Cottages
Tel: +44 (0)1780 410563

Little Bytham
Sheila Jones
Hill View
Station Road
Little Bytham
Tel: +44 (0)1780 410232



The Queens Diamond Jubilee Weekend (added : 07/11/11 : MG)

I (Ian Miller) know it is a bit early to think about the Queens Diamond Jubilee but time does have a nasty habit of sneaking up on you.  I think it would be a nice idea to feature any memories in the June 2012 Glenside.

Where were you on 2 June 1953?
What were you doing?
Do you have any memories of the day?
Do you have any photographs of the day?
Do you have any souvenirs of the day?

If you can say ‘yes’ to any of the above do please contact Ian via the Glenside.
Any contributions need not relate directly to the Coronation.

Glenside News Update (added : 07/11/11 : MG)

From Ian Miller at the Glenside News, November 2011 …

On 27 September 2011, the Glenside committee met to officially hand over the editorial reins to me (Ian Miller) and Garry (Jamison).  A sad occasion as Peter Cox’s influence will be sadly missed from the magazine.  A hard act to follow.  Also George Moore and Martin Bradshaw resigned from the distribution to be replaced by Sue Hinton.  All the villages owe them a vote of thanks for all the years and effort that they put in.  Quite ho Peter managed to get the magazine to press each month is nothing short of remarkable.  The current editors are having trouble keeping up.

Glenside News Update (added : 04/06/11 : MG)

From the Ian Miller at the Glenside News, June 2011 …

Most people in the villages covered by the Glenside News will by now be aware of the arson attack on Peter and Sylvia Cox’s house.  Unfortunately this means that Peter will not be able to produce/edit the Glenside News for the foreseeable future.

So it has fallen on me (Ian Miller) and Garry Jamison to try and step into Peter’s shoes and attempt to produce the magazine as best we can.  As the retired one out of the two I will be attempting to bolt the magazine together in some sort of meaningful order.

Any copy that Peter had is now lost so any contributors whose copy has not been included in this month please accept our apologies and we will hopefully be able to include it in the July edition if it is still relevant.  Let me know.

Both Garry and myself are able to accept any contributions to the magazine.  Do not assume that because contributions have been sent before that we will know about them so if in doubt please send everything again.  Contact Details as above.



Glenside News Editor (from Glenside October 1995 : 28/12/11 : MG)

Mrs Mildred Phillipson, who for many years has been involved in producing the Glenside News magazine, feels the time has come to hang up her correcting pen.  We are all, I am sure, most grateful to her.  If it is to survive the Glenside News needs a new Editor, some secretarial or typing experience would be a great asset.  The monthly task involves putting the magazine together and sending it to the printers.  Would anyone interested speak to Sheila Jones, who is responsible for the children’s page and is the Little Bytham representative.

Last Updated : 31/05/18 : GV

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