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The Glenside News commenced publication in May 1979 under the leadership of Mildred Phillipson.  The original Glenside team included Mildred, as editor and Castle Bytham representative, along with Sheila Jones and Marilyn Turner, the Little Bytham representatives, and Barbara Cooper, the representative for Careby – who also proposed ‘Glenside News’ as the title for the publication.  Creeton joined the Glenside group of parishes at a later date and so was not represented in the original team.

At some point before June 1995 (we only have copies of the magazine from that date) Marilyn left the Glenside team when she also left the area and Barbara stepped down as her other commitments increased.  Barbara’s role as representative for Careby being taken over by Rene Edinborough.

Mildred continued to edit the magazine until November 1995 when the role was taken over by Peter Cox.  At the same time Joan Smith became the magazines first official Treasurer and Jackie Mobbs took on the role of Children’s Page editor.

In June 2011, Ian Miller took over the role of editor from Peter.

Overall the magazine relies on many volunteers from across theBythams area to contribute pieces to it, compile pages, edit it and ultimately distribute it.  Some of them, but by no means all of them, are listed here …

Barbara Cooper

Barbara was one of the original four that started the magazine in May 1979 and took on the role of representative for Careby.  She resigned from the role at some point before June 1995 due to other growing other commitments.  During her time as part of the Glenside team Barbara came up with the magazines title ‘Glenside News’, created many of the advertisements which appeared in the magazine by hand and also created the sketch for the front cover.  The cover sketch Barbara drew included the parish churches of Little Bytham, Castle Bytham and Careby alongside the lake at Holywell – Creeton being omitted as it was not one of the Glenside parishes at the time the magazine started.

Geoff Clapinson (?)

Geoff was the Honorary Treasurer for the magazine from ?? to ??.

Peter Cox

Peter edited the magazine from November 1995 until June 2007 from his home in Castle Bytham.

Rene Edinborough

Rene was the representative for Careby and Holywell, despite living in Station Road, Little Bytham, from at least June 1995 through to ???

Anne Garbutt

Anne is the representative for Creeton (with Counthorpe since ???) and has been since at least June 1995.

Sheila Jones

Sheila, from Station Road in Little Bytham, was one of the magazines four founders and one of the original two representative for Little Bytham, alongside Marilyn Turner. She continues in the role of the representative for Little Bytham to the present day.  She also edited the Children’s page from at least June 1995 (possibly since it started in May 1979?) through to November 1995.

Jacklin Mobbs

Jacklin commenced editing the Children’s Page in November 1995 and did so until ????.

Mildred Phillipson

Mildred was one of the founders of the Glenside magazine and was its Editor from its inception in May 1979 until her last editorial in November 1995.  During the same period she also acted as the representative for Castle Bytham, where she lived in the Wheatsheaf.

Joan Smith

Joan became Treasurer in November 1995 and continued in the role until ????.

Marilyn Turner

Marilyn was one of the four founders of the Glenside News and was one of the two representatives for Little Bytham, alongside Sheila Jones.  She left the Glenside team when she left the area in ????.

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