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Tragic Accident at Holywell Pond

Both the local and national press are reporting the tragic death, at the pond in Holywell, of a woman in her 70’s, from Castle Bytham, and her 6 year old grandson, who had been visiting her.

Police were called to the area after the woman’s daughter reported them missing yesterday evening at around 9.20pm. Following a search the woman’s car was found in Holywell and, at around 10.45pm, the body of the woman was found floating in the pond.

A subsequent search, which involved the Fire and Rescue service and RAF search and rescue helicopters (whose presence was apparent in the area during the early hours of the morning) found the submerged body of her grandson at around 4.00am today (Friday 17 February).

Read more in the Stamford Mercury, and on the BBC News website.





The Queens Coronation : 2 June 1953

Queens Diamond Jubilee Emblem

Ian Miller, the Editor of the Glenside News is hoping for help in compiling a piece for the magazine about the Queen’s Coronation on 2 June 1953.  He asks …

Does anybody have any memories/reminisces of the day? Ideally related to the Glenside parishes but not exclusively. Also what were the villages like then. Shops, pubs, people, vicars, doctors etc

Please contact Ian with any offers of assistance …
Ian Miller, 13 Pinfold Road, Castle Bytham, NG33 4RG
Tel: +44 (0)1780 410649


South Kesteven Election Results 2011

Elizabeth (Ibis) Channel, an Independent candidate, has been elected as the Hillsides Ward representative to South Kesteven District Council. Ibis received 568 votes in the local council election which took place on 5 May 2011.  The other candidate for the seat, Martin Troloppe-Bellew, Conservative, gained 379 votes as per the Declaration of Poll Result published by the Returning Officer.

Martin Wilkins, Conservative, was elected as councillor for the Morkery Ward ‘without contest’ – being the only candidate.

Holywell Verge Litter

From the letters page of the Glenside News (December 2010) …

As Wayside Warden on three of the important verges in Holywell, I regularly collect the rubbish littered on them.

I have spent hours recently picking up a large amount of folded computer paper littering the verges from Holywell to Vale Farm crossroads.  It is a soul destroying job and makes me very angry that such little consideration is given to the beautiful areas in which we live.

If this is a minor throwing paper from a car window – then adults should have more influence.  If it is an adult, then words fail me. There is enough fast food litter to cope with besides this tedious addition – for the second year in succession!