Willoughby Pub Quiz : Tuesday 3 April 2012

Quite a cold evening but it was quiz night at the Willoughby Arms, the pub clock was ticking, the minutes passing by, was anyone going to turn up? With it being the run up to Easter some were away.

We knew that Mark had said he was coming but it was balloon MOT day, would he make it back in time?

Two of the regulars “Buffer Stops” were dining, then the door opened and another team arrived, followed by another.  By the time everyone had arrived we had five teams including one made up of residents who called themselves Norfolk ‘n’ Good, they had decided to stay and join in the quiz so that one of them could sample all of the real ales on offer and at the end of the night, he was still standing!

Two birthdays this week, Ian Warrington from Singe and Basket on the 4th and Sheila Stait from United Staits on the 5th, I know how old Ian was going  to be but a lady never gives her age away. An absolutely  fantastic birthday cake for Sheila, so realistic it would be a shame to cut it. Top Cat and Benny the Ball complete with trash can and fish bones (made by Zoe Stait).

Lots of the teams change their team names depending on what’s been happening in the news but the United Staits  have always kept the same name and they’ve been enjoying the quiz for years.

The music round with 30 points on offer this month, caused the usual moans and groans with two songs played simultaneously. This round gave a big boost to one of our teams with distant memories of Bananarama, The Osmonds and Slade posters on the bedroom wall. The picture round was television duos Rosemary and Thyme, Regan and Carter, Mulder and Scully not forgetting Mike and Bernie Winters.

A great evening with the final scores in joint fourth place United Staits and Norfolk ‘n’ Good both with 119 points, third place Universally Challenged with 121 points, second place Buffer Stops with 128 points but this month’s winners complete with the birthday boy – Singe and Basket with 152 points.

Next quiz Tuesday 1st May (last one of the season, hope you can make it)