Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz – Last One of the Season : 1 May 2012

From Caroline Holmes …

What a great way to end the season, nine teams of quizzers all set to test their brain power.

Team sizes varied Buffer Stops are regulars and newcomers Team Titanic weren’t really sure what to expect, United Staits (the Stait family)and My Blue Heaven who change their name every month depending on what’s going on in the world. Weird Fish (other clothing brands are available), Universally Challenged (kids home from uni) Fish and Chips (guess what they were eating), Famous 5 (usually have a different name but haven’t been for a while). Not forgetting We’re only here for the music round.

The picture round was a bit of a grueller – 10 cathedrals from around the country. The question rounds featured gardening, films and entertainment to the Olympics something for everyone.

Not forgetting the music round, we’ve had some good rounds this season, two tracks being played simultaneously, music through the decades not forgetting Cliff Richard, so what could we end the season with? As I announced the theme Musicals, there were a lot of happy faces, we started with Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Top Hat and The Lion King to name a few with lots of people singing along to the music.

For a bit of fun to end the evening, we had a game of Irish bingo, for those of you who don’t know how to play, you start off standing up if a number gets called that’s on your ticket you’re out. The last one standing is the winner. The prize for this went to Mary.

As for the quiz, three teams score 118, Fish and Chips 132, My Blue Heaven 135 and winners this month were Famous 5 with 141 points.

I have an apology for last month, I gave Zoe the credit for Sheila’s fantastic birthday cake but it was actually Laura Stait who made the cake. (so talented)

That’s it for this season, thank you to everyone for your support, we’ll see you in October when we kick the season off with the Alan Wood Memorial Quiz.

The full list of scores was as follows …
1st : Famous Five – 141pts
2nd : My Blue Heaven – 135pts
3rd : Fish and Chips – 132pts
4th= : United States, Wierd Fish, Universally Challenged – 118pts
7th : Team Titanic – 112pts
8th : Buffer Stops – 110pts
9th : We’re Only Here for the Music Round – 90pts