Willoughby Arms Quiz Report : 05/02/2013

It was a bitterly cold windy evening, six teams ventured out to take part in the quiz.

We are always mindful that our quizzers come from a wide range of ages so this month we wanted to shake things up a little bit.

For the picture round we had Dingbats; the regular music round was a bit of a grueller with two tracks by the same artist being played simultaneously (not as easy as some might think) ranging from Kate Bush, The Sweet and Elton John to the Beach Boys and Bay City Rollers. We even had a round dedicated to Harry Potter; a member of one of the teams seemed shocked and said “a whole round?”  Harry has been around for a few years now so why not?

It’s surprising the amount of useless trivia we remember and some of our quizzers now know that dactylion is the name for the tip of the middle finger, Robert LeRoy Parker was Butch Cassidy and the dot on a lower case i or j for that matter is called a tittle.

At the end of the evening third place went to The Lincs Effect with 105 points, in second place United Staits with 106 points but congratulations this month go to Nearly Men with 136 points (for the record they would still have won without the points from the Harry Potter round).

score sheet (05/02/2013)

Thanks to you all for turning up and taking part, to those who couldn’t make it we hope to see you next time, the date for next month’s quiz is Tuesday 5th March.