Fibre broadband is here…

BT Openreach FTTC in ClipshamSome great news. Fibre broadband is here… But only if you live in the local villages of Clipsham, Stocken or Stretton.

If you think what does this have to do with theBythams. Well they all happen to use the Castle Bytham telephone exchange. But happen to be in Rutland and not Lincolnshire.

So you have to ask yourself, why they did not put FTTC cabinets, in Castle Bytham and Little Bytham at the same time.

We have been told. We have to wait till July 2015, till we get fibre broadband!!

Time for everyone to write to our local MP and tell him this is just not on at all!!

For more information about getting fibre broadband in Clipsham, Stocken and Stretton. Check out