Cycling … Wakerley Wood

Wakerley Wood is another historic ancient woodland that is being replanted as a native broad leaf wood as part of the ‘Ancient Woodland Project’. The woodland contains rich and diverse archaeological remains. The oldest features are two extremely rare Bronze Age cairns. An all-ability woodland path, and a longer way-marked trail leave from the car park.  The way-marked walk follows the medieval boundary of Wakerley Great Park – remnants of the 13th century deer park.

Cycling is permitted throughout Wakerley Wood.  Wakerley Wood is 16 miles from Little Bytham and Castle Bytham by minor roads.  There is a free car park on site if you prefer to not cycle there.

After visiting Wakerley Wood you cycle a further mile to Fineshade Wood before stopping at any one of a number of villages on the way back for suitable refreshment, view the Harringworth Viaduct along the Welland valley or, if you have the energy, divert further to the South Shore of Rutland Water.

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