Walks : Hills and Hollows, Castle Bytham

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Reproduced from the Glenside News, December 2011 …

A gentle walk beside frosty fields with splendid views.

Distance : 3 miles
Time : 1 hour
Terrain : Hill/Stiles/Some mud
Level : Gentle

If you’re new to the area, this charming walk take in open fields, hilltop views of the village and woodland scenes.  Ideal for dog walkers.

If you live outside the village, park your car near to one of the pubs, then walk down Heathcote to St Martins and the start of the walk.

Stage 1
Walk along St Martins beside the Glen Brook.  Cross the stile at the end and continue straight ahead toward the old cricket ground.

Stage 2
Turn left through the farm gate and head straight on up the side of the field crossing the stile half way up.  Continue until you almost reach the brow of the hill.

Stage 3
You can take a short detour* over a stile on your left to take in some nice hilltop views of Castle Bytham – best seen early morning with the sun rising behind you.

Stage 4
Continue along the edge of the field and toward Lorn Wood.  Please follow the line of the field and enter the wood from the far end – although some try and climb over the fence. Once in the wood, if the weather has been dry, you’ll be dry; you’ll be fine.  if it has been very wet, the woodland walks can become ‘squelchingly’ boggy in places – almost like quicksand.

Stage 5
So, turn left if its very wet and avoid the woodland path – or turn right and through the wood if it’s been reasonably dry.  Follow the map until you reach a small hand gate on the far side of a narrow meadow.

Stage 6
Go through the gate, over a tiny footbridge, through the mud and along the edge of the large field.  The rooftops of Castle Bytham can be seen on your left.  If it’s a beautiful wintry sunset, this is the place to be – as the sun sinks below the horizon in from of you.

Stage 7
Continue straight ahead to almost the end of the field.  A gate on your right brings you out on to Counthorpe Lane.  Turn left down Counthorpe Lane toward the village.  About halfway down the hill, you may see Mr Angry – a noisy squirrel who lets everyone know he’s there!

Stage 8
At the end of Counthorpe Lane, turn left along Glen Road.  Continue past the village pond and back to where you started from.

* If you are taking the detour at stage 3, you can walk down past the castle mound.  Please stick to the route clearly marked with white marker posts.  This route eventually brings you out on to Glen Road.

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