Parish Paths Partnership

The Castle Bytham Parish Paths Partnership was established in September 1995.  No such Partnership exists in any of the other Parishes which make up theBythams area.

Parish Paths Partnership (from the Glenside News October 1995 : 15/01/12 : MG)

From Richard Foers …

I have a vision.  It is of a parish whose footpath are well maintained, clearly way marked and a pleasure to walk by all those who enjoy the countryside and the life to be seen there.  This vision took a major step forward before last month’s Castle Bytham Parish Council meeting, when the Council signed a Parish Paths Partnership with Lincolnshire County Council and later agreed the policy aims and objectives of their newly formed Footpaths Sub-Committee, which I have been asked to Chair on behalf of the Parish Council.  In simple terms this means that the Count provide the money and we, the ‘volunteers’, do the work!  So if anyone would like to volunteer their help my number is 410523.

I am acutely concious that real progress towards the expressed objectives of the Parish Council can only be made with the cooperation of the landowners whose territories are crossed by the footpaths.  To that end our first task is to establish who owns the land involved so that, hopefully, we can discuss and agree the way ahead together.  An early call may be anticipated to enable us to start upgrading the way-marking of public rights of way within the parish.

Added : 15/01/12 : MG

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