Glenside News Editorial : December 2011

Volume 33 Issue 8 (360th Edition)

From Ian Miller …

It was the time of the year when all the ‘village collectives’ gathered together to celebrate the newly renamed ‘Winter Festival‘.  Much effort had been put into saving brightly coloured bits of paper and recycled dried fruit to decorate the appropriate ‘festival tree’ (now the UN approved olive tree).  ‘Small adult off spring’ excitedly practised ‘festival songs’ from official song sheets issued by the local council’s ‘Department for Diverse Religion’.  Meanwhile, our local alternative religious practitioner (known previously as ‘vicar’) was recovering from a particularly trying time with on of the council’s ‘outreach workers’ over the wording of the annual address to the people.  (Outreach workers are also responsible for green matters and religion : annual salary £30K plus company push-bike).  A licence granting permission to sing some ‘winter festival melodies’ was finally issued – and this year, we will use one of our four local village ‘centres of religion’ to belt the songs out!

Sound a bit far fetched?? You just have to read the daily papers to see what all those official diversity czars wish to impose on us in the name of political correctness.

That said, Christmas (that’s what we still call it in our house) for this year is going to be a particularly trying time for many people – what with the cost of food and fuel soaring to giddy heights.  We can only hope that the present slightly moist and clement weather continues. (Even if it means that Mrs Miller refuses to pack away her string vest for the winter).

In the grand tradition started by Peter Cox, I must apologise for a couple of mistakes in last months edition.  Martin Bradshaw has not resigned from the Glenside distribution team and George Moore’s telephone number was wrongly printed as belonging to Sue Hinton.  I now know how George can’t understand why people are ringing him up and calling him Sue!!  Garry points out even more of last month’s ‘goofs and gaffs’ over on the next page.  Well, at least we apologise.

Village life moves on and another year is nearly over.  Thanks to all our ‘groups’ and committees that make things ‘happen’, for keeping the fabric of the village life alive.  A lot of people (too numerous to mention) put a lot of time and effort into making sure that things, well, just work.  A very big thank you to you all.

The new year brings two major events, the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics which gives us all something to look forward to despite all the doom and gloom.

And of course, don’t forget all the local events that will be taking place.  I’m sure any volunteers would be welcome – join in, have a go, it’s a good way to meet people and can be real good fun.  This year has also seen the launch of several new enterprises in our villages and we wish them all well.  The Glenside has seen an increase in advertising space from local entrepreneurs whom I know you support.

And finally, on behalf of Garry, the whole Glenside network of distributors, our team of representatives, Geoff, and myself, we would like to thank all our readers, our regular contributors and all our advertisers for your support.   Also, not forgetting Peter Cox who kept the magazine going until May this year.  how he did it will always remain a mystery.

A Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you all.

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