Hunter Trials

The Hunter Trials took place in on the Grimsthorpe Estate in theBythams area until ???.  The event ceased as the costs of running it increased and was replaced by the Sponsored Ride.


Hunter Trials AGM (from Glenside News July 1995 : 17/12/11 : MG)

The AGM was held in Little Bytham Village Hall on 15 June 1995, and over thirty people attended.  The event made a significant profit and because retentions for the coming year are lower than before, the meeting voted unanimously to distribute £5000 to be equally shared between the four churches and SENSE – this years chosen charity.

£5000 is a record level of distribution from this event and demonstrates in a most positive way that The Bythams Hunter Trials are now firmly and clearly successfully, established at Grimsthorpe Park with some two hundred competition entries.  With the introduction of the junior course, run by Edenham Steam Action, and the Fun Dog Event, there is now a wider appeal which benefits the whole day.

Confidence within the organisation is high and with an enlarged band of helpers, whose support and enthusiasm are so important, future success would seem assured on a course which is now very well regarded … and which will be further improved for next and subsequent years.  The prime focus for the coming year will be to attract more entries to participate in this enjoyable event over the first class course.

The 1996 event will take place on May Day Bank Holiday, and as well as being able to walk the course a week earlier – and over the Bank Holiday weekend – there will be entries on the day at a higher entry fee.  These, and other moves, should ensure that a wider spread of possible horse/rider combinations are covered.

A vote of thanks was proposed on behalf of the four churches by the Rector, and Gill Mercer on behalf of SENSE expressed her appreciation, and explained how much help the monies would be to the six deaf-blind young people who would be living and working at the new centre being built in the Deepings.

Mr Bob Creasey retired as Chairman of the Organising Committee and was suceeded by Mr David Yiend whose first ask in office was to invite Bob Creasey to become the first President – this was approved unanimously by the whole meeting.  The remainder of the committee were re-elected en-bloc.

A copy of the minutes and accounts will be distributed t each of the four PCC’s where they can be viewed by anyone interested to do so.


Chairmans Resignation (from Glenside News June 1995 : 09/12/11 : MG)

The present Chairman, Mr Bob Creasey, has let it be known that he wishes to stand down, and his successor will be elected at the AGM.  Mr Creasey has nominated the vice-chairman, Mr David Yiend.  The other members of the committee have agreed to stand for a further year.  Any other nominations for either chairman or committee members should be given to the secretary, Mrs Caroline Lowes 01778 590461 by 12 June, prior to the AGM on 15 June 1995.

Hunter Trials 1995 Report (from Glenside News June 1995 : 09/12/11 : MG)

From C.S.L. …

Moving from Easter Monday to 30th April proved a good decision as far as the weather was concerned, for this years Hunter Trials.  This was our fourth attempt in Grimshorpe Park and the weather was glorious – sunny but not too hot for the horses.  We were proud of the course this year,  a good variety of challenging fences spread more evenly over the course and with going much improved by the dry weather and all our hard work power-harrowing and mowing.

Local talent was well represented by Jane Sharpe of Little Bytham, who came second in the Open Class and won the trophy for the best competitor from a ten-mile radius.  On a more modest level, two committee members were proud of their daughters clear rounds over the children’s ‘Steam Action’ course.  This smaller course, run by Edenham and Grimsthorpe, proved a good attraction for younger children who we hope to draw onto our Bythams’ course in years to come.

Some of the riding was noticeably inadequate, resulting in two falls requiring medical attention (no horses fell).  There was an intermediate wait for a competitor whose tack was locked in the car of someone walking the course – we know not to be so patient next time!  Apart from these hitches, everyone seemed happy and complimentary about the course.  Let’s hope they spread the word.

The doggie fun event drew the crowds and was enjoyed as much by the tail-waggers as by the spectators.  The ladies serving the food did sterling work, kept running out to magic up more sandwiches, and the ice cream queue seemed to get longer and longer.

An unscheduled attraction was the Napoleonic soldiers seen in the bar.  They were there for a battle (guns, cannon and all) at the Castle, but seemed to enjoy our beer!  They had made course-walking the day before exciting, by staging a mock battle in the woods around our course – the noise was indescribable at times.

All in all a happy day.  If you have any comments, ideas or constructive criticism please come to our AGM in Little Bytham Village Hall at 8.00pm on Thursday 15 June (1995).

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