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Grants are available to young people who live in the parish of Castle Bytham. Grants are provided to support young people in their education whether at school, college, university or in their own time.

Grants are provide to help cover the cost of educational books and materials, trips and events, activities which are academic, cultural or sporting.

Grants are provided to help cover the cost of educational books and materials, trips and events, activities which are academic, cultural or sporting.

The Trustees will be meeting regularly on the 3rd Wednesday of every quarter – in January, April, July and October.

If you want an application from please contact the Chairman or any of the Trustees.

Trustees …
Peter Martindale (Chairman)
Peter Cox
Shirley Grayson
Yvonne Hamblin
Geoff Hix
Arthur Perry

Station House
37 Station Road
Castle Bytham

Tel: +44 (0)1780 410556 (Home)
Tel: +44 (0)115 8475 400 (Work)


From the Glenside News (May 2011) (added : 10/05/11 : MG)

From Peter Martindale, Chairman …

The Foundation is only open to residents in Castle Bytham, so it’s with apologies to readers outside the parish that i write this report.

At the Foundation AGM in April, we reviewed the year, and alos what we’ve done since 2000.  Over the last year we’ve made nine grants totalling £1,210  Since 2000 we’ve made 93 grants amounting to nearly £10,000, so this last year has been pretty much par for the course.  We’ve been running long enough now to get a good general picture of applications we receive, and how we respond to them.

Ther-quarters of our grants are for less than £200, mostly between £50 and £150.  Only 10% of our grants have exceeded £250.  There have been a handful of applications where we have felt the circumstances justified meeting a request in full.  Mostly we contribute towards the cost of an activity, or to the purchase of something which supports a young person’s education.

Most applications, but not all of them, relate directly to school activities, or activities supported by schools.  Around half the grants have gone towards supporting residential activities organised by schools.  This has been one of the main areas where we’ve supported children from the Bythams School.  We’ve also supported secondary school field trips.

Overseas travel has featured significantly, particularly involving adventure tours, organised through schools for older students to experience foreign culture, or take part in sporting tours.  These can be enormously expensive, and the principle burden still falls on the young people to raise the money themselves.  But we’ve also been able to make a contribution.

We’ve supported musical and sporting activities at all levels, university and college students, so that they can purchase books and materials for their courses, and outward bound activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, as well as activities which develop foreign language skills, and also individual educational initiatives.

So – what do we need?  Although our Glenside notice still refers to an application form we’ve found it best if we get a letter outlining the educational activity, and an indication of its overall cost.  We consider applications four times a year, so we need applications in good time.  Increasingly secondary age students write their own applications, which is appreciated, and they often let us know the outcome.

There have been times when our funds have come under pressure, and we have had to choose between applications, reduce the size of grants, or defer a decision.  In these circumstances we try to be fair, and to consider the importance of a request in educational terms, or perhaps the extent to which someone may have received grants in the past; but as far as possible we simply treat each application on its merits.  Regrettably we have taken a decision that we cannot support on-going expenditure, such as course fees; this would simply exhaust out funds.

We’re a small charity, and in this form we’ve been around for nearly a hundred years, assisting young people in the parish [of Castle Bytham] get the most out of their education.  If you’re unsure about anything you can always speak to one of the Trustees [contact details at the top of the page].

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