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The nearest WI to theBythams area meets in St Andrew’s Parish Hall in Witham on the Hill on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm.

Their forthcoming programme includes …
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For further information please contact …
President: Ann Burbidge: 01778 590132
Treasurer: Sue Cork: 01778 590204
Secretary: June Dandridge: 01780 410075


Report : May 2015 (added : 11/06/15 : MG)

From the Glenside News (June 2015) …

The Witham on the Hill Womens Institute were very lucky to have Rev Canon Richard Cattle from Peterborough Cathedral come and talk at their May meeting.  Many of the WI members had visited the Cathedral (along with 65000 visitors a year who came to marvel at this beautiful building) but still were surprised to learn more about the Cathedral.   He told us that the grounds consists of 42 listed buildings including a jail, infirmary anf monks dormitory.  The Cathedral has 14 bells and 1 mile of surrounding walls.  It is most famous for the spectacular 13th Century painted oak ceiling, which is the largest in Europe.  Many visitors come to the Cathedral to see Katherine of Aragon’s tomb, she died locally at Kimbolton Castle.  There is a service held at the Cathedral in January and flowers and pomegranates (Katherine’s heraldic symbol) are laid on her tomb.  Another Queen was buried at Peterborough Cathedral, Mary Queen of Scots, but her grave is now empty as she was reburied in Westminster.  The talk was fascinating and Julia Haynes gave our vote of thanks.  The competition was “A Religious Item” and was won by Jane Clark.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 2 June at 7.30pm.  Leanne and Louise from Sew Friendly in Bourne will be coming to talk about setting up their new business.  All visitors are sure of a warm welcome.

Report : March 2015 (added : 31/08/15 : MG)

From the Glenside News (April 2015) …

Our President welcomed a packed hall of members and visitors – a wonderful attendance.  Our speaker, Mrs Diane Taylor from Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, was accompanied by her husband and two of the dogs – Bailey has been retired and Vecta a black labrador of 7 months is in training.


Deafness often causes sufferers to become depressed, isolated and lacking confidence; but when partnered with their hearing dog the transformation is remarkable. This organisation was founded in 1980 by Bruce Fogel, dogs were selected from rescue centres.  Today they have their own breeding programme and the dogs are trained using sign language and this can take up to 2 years, costing many thousands of pounds.  The animals are retired after the age of 11 and are found suitable homes for their remaining years. The collection of used postage stamps is one way of raising funds and, of course, we can all do this quite easily. The talk was wholly fascinating and Mrs Burbridge gave our vote of thanks.

The next walk will be from Whissendine followed by lunch in the same village. The raffle was won by Mrs Clark and one of the visitors with the competition ‘picture of a dog’ was won by Mrs Mundy.  Our April meeting will see the fine offerings of our ladies craft work with a view to showing items at the display in Sleaford next September.

Margaret Rine


Report : November 2011 (added : 06/12/11 : MG)

From the Glenside News (December 2011) …

Members were entertained at their monthly meeting in November by Jane Barnes who spoke to the title “Tales from a Farmers Wife”.  Jane herself is a third generation farmer’s wife from Sowerby near Melton Mowbray.  She explained how dificult it is to farm cattle – they give milk for approximately ten months of the year, as well as producing calves in their milking life.  Jane also said she supplemented the farm’s income by giving talks and arranging farm visits – which also educates future generations as it explains where food originates and encourages them to protect our beautiful countryside.

The Autumn Craft Day, held the previous month, as a great success – with table tennis practice continuing on 26 November in Manthorpe.

An outing to the Lincoln Christmas Market is arranged for 4 December and ten members will be picking up the coach in Bourne.

A Christmas meal has also been arranged for 7 December.  Two new members were also welcomed at Novembers meeting.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 6 December at the Witham on the Hill Parish Hall Christmas Party and Supper.

Linda Chatfield

Appeal for Committee Members (added : 01/12/11 : MG)

Membership of Witham on the Hill Womens Institute is dropping and the remaining members are appealing for volunteers to serve on their committee as treasurer and secretaries over the coming year.

If you think you might be able to help then contact Ann on 01778 590132 for further information.

Report : October 2011 (added : 01/12/11 : MG)

From the Glenside News (November 2011) …

Witham on the Hill Womens Institute met on 4 October to hear a talk from Nik Lance on the Luttrell Psalter. Mr Lance gave a fascinating insight into medieval life through the pages of this illuminated manuscript a book of Psalms written in Latin, by a scribe in the 1330’s.  The members heard that Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, a wealthy landowner from Irnham, comissioned the making of the book, which contains illustrations of everyday life during the period.  The slides inspired members to go to the British Library in London to view this national treaure themselves!

The monthly meeting also covered regular dates, such as table tennis (on 22 October) and the walks, which usually cover 2-3 miles and finish with lunch.  The WI has alos put together “Welcome to you New Home” laminated cards, listing useful phone numbers, which can be distributed to newcomers in the area.

The Autumn Craft Day to be held in October was discussed, as well as the proposed outing to the Lincoln Christmas Market.

The next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday 1 November at the parish hall and the speaker will be Jane Barnes “Tales from a Farmers Wife”.  Meetings start at 7.30pm, all welcome.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month.

Linda Chatfield


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