Little Bytham Parish Council Minutes : Meeting 03/08/06

As reported in the The Glenside News – October 2006


From the minutes of the meeting of 6 July 2006.

Parish Room

The Clerk showed the meeting the Land Registry form for the first registration application. She agreed to complete it as accurately as possible and await a response.

The Parish Room in Little Bytham – the ownership of which the Parish Council is still working to establish with the Land Registry.

The Ford

The Clerk informed the meeting that she had spoken to Jamie Bevis of the Highways Department. He said that as far as he was concerned, the repair work was satisfactory but there are still two gullies anda soak-away to be constructed on the corner of Church Lane and High Street. When she insisted that the PC was not happy with the work, he admitted that they had used the wrong tarmac and that it would have to be redone. As far as the concrete base is concerned, he is happy with the job. However, he then admitted that he is not an engineer and that we need to address any complaints to Geoff Page, the Highways Engineer. The Clerk agreed to contact him to find out when the work would be completed.

The ford on Church Lane in Little Bytham. The ford and lane has been relaid with the wrong tarmac and the ford probably has a concrete base constructed with the wrong concrete.


Letter to Mr and Mrs Bowen.


The Muir Group Housing Association Ltd. re Land off of Glen Close, Little Bytham. Full planning permission sought. The Council is not opposed to the development, but is concerned at the number of properties – 6 bungalows and 2 houses – feeding into a busy main route through the village.

Their chief concern is the problem of flooding from sewage as the developers intend to drain surface water into the main sewer. Given the history of properties being severely flooded with sewage, the Council has asked the planners to look into the problem. They have also asked for details of the proposed removal of hedges and trees.

Mr and Mrs Pollard, 20 Station Road, Little Bytham. Erection of detached garage with new access. Full planning permission sought. The Council had no objections.


Two cheques were signed as follows …

Cheque to Allianz Cornhill £248.27
Cheque to Little Bytham Village Hall £75.00


Mrs Murphy expressed concern at the acrid smell that has been pervading the village during the past week. She wondered if someone had been burning toxic waste. Mrs MacFarland had also noticed it. It was agreed to discuss the matter at the next meeting if the problem persisted.

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