Rectors Newsletter : February 2011

… something like a Sunday School

Since coming to work in the Bythams last year, I have taken quite a few Baptism Services and a lot of School Assemblies, and felt bad about the fact that our Churches, at the moment, have little to offer children – except at Christmas.

There is, of course, the informal “Worship Together” on the fourth Sunday of each month at Castle Bytham, and whenever there is a fifth Sunday in the month, we have a Family Communion, which moves around the Churches. But we need to do more to help parents of children we have baptised, and anyone who is interested, to bring up their children in the Christian Faith … and so … we are starting, in a small way at first, “something like a Sunday School”.

We don’t know yet what we will call it – those who come along can decide. We aim to make it fun, as well as rewarding an informative and we want to include parents if they wish to stay. We will use a format called “Messy Church” (a growing movement in many churches), which involves art and craftwork on a Bible theme as well as the telling of the Bible Story, songs, drama, prayers and refreshments. All ages are welcome.

Our first meeting is on Sunday 2oth February at 11am until 12noon in Little Bytham Village Hall.  We will then meet on the third Sunday of each month, unless told that there would be a better time. If, as we hope, we grow and flourish, we will be able to meet more often and in other villages. Our leaders have years of teaching experience and are CRB cleared. There is no charge, but donations are welcome to cover costs.


As we move into a new year, this is a good time to say THANK YOU to all who work so hard to keep our churches afloat. Many people give time, energy and money to ensure that the churches are available to their villagers when needed. Church Wardens, the Organist, Choir, the Treasurers, the Lay Ministers, PCC Members and many others give a very great deal, and have for years. More and more is demanded of them as shortage of money means fewer and fewer clergy can be employed. So. Thank you, Team!

Every Blessing for 2011, from Sue

p.s. There will be a Very Exciting Music Event in Little Bytham on March 26th. Look out for more details elsewhere in this magazine and in next month’s Glenside!

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