Rectors Newsletter : October 1995

Dear Friends

May I begin by paying my tribute to Mrs Mildred Phillipson who has for many years been involved in producing the Glenside News.  Since I arrived here four years ago I have found the magazine to be invaluable, her hard work and dedication in producing the magazine on time is so easily taken for granted, and I include myself in that.  When I came she was still typing it all out on skins and printing it herself on an old duplicator.  Now it is printed from a fair copy, which I know made the job easier, but it still has to be done.  I hope I express the thanks of us all in saying it was a job well done and worth doing.

Mildred has decided the time to has come to retire and we need a new Editor.  Many village magazines vanish, never to be seen again, I hope this doesn’t happen to ours and that someone feels able to take up the task.  It involves producing the fair copy for the printer from material provided through the village representatives.  My letter and the Church Services page I deliver ready for the printer.  An ability to type, even if as badly as me, is probably essential.  An alternative might be to approach those who produce The Link, a similar magazine which covers Corby Glen, Irnham and Swayfield, these villages are of course now part of my group of parishes.  They might agree to us joining them but it would be far better if we could continue Glenside News.  So perhaps if there is a retired secretary, or anyone who feels they could do it, they might like to get in touch with Sheila Jones or even in the first instance have a word with me.

I must apologise for the confusion of dates last month, the date I gave for the Harvest Festival in my letter differed from that given in the list of services for the month.  The date in my letter was wrong and I received countless calls asking me which was right.   There is however usually a blessing in every situation, as someone kindly remarked, ‘At least you now know people read your letter!’  Harvest Festival of course hasn’t taken place when this was written, copy for the magazine has to be in by 15th of the month, so comment on hat must wait until next month.  It has though been a superb summer with, I assumed, nothing for my farmer friends to complain about.  I should have known better!  As soon as the harvest was in one remarked ‘This dry weather’s no good, ground’s to hard to drill’.  ‘I’ll have a word with my boss, he just doesn’t seem to be able to get it right!’  I replied.

With folded hands, and lifted eyes,
‘Have mercy heaven’ the parson cries,
‘And on our sun-burnt, thirsty plains,
Thy blessings send in genial rains’.
The sermon ended and the prayers,
The parson to be gone prepares:
When with a look to brighten’d smiles
‘Thank heaven it rains’, cries farmer Giles.
‘Rain!’ cries the parson, ‘Sure you joke!
Rain! Heav’n forbid! I’ve got no cloke.’

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Almighty simply can’t win with it comes to dealing with the human race.  But perhaps he knew that all the time and making us the crowning glory of his creation tells us something about his sense of humour!  So just for a change I’ll end with a prayer, if we all pray it perhaps God will be moved to put the matter right:

‘O Lord, please make all the bad people good,
And all the good people interesting!’

The Rev. Bryan J Bennett
Castle Bytham Rectory

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