Kates Little Cakes

Bespoke Cupcakes for Every Occasion

At Kate’s Little Cakes we make cupcakes in a variety of sizes for parties, weddings and other occasions.

Based in South Lincolnshire, we operate from a domestic kitchen and cupcakes are freshly baked to order.

Using fresh butter, free range eggs and natural vanilla, each order of cakes is mixed by hand and decorated to suit your individual needs.

Web: www.kateslittlecakes.co.uk

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One thought on “Kates Little Cakes

  1. Hello I just missed you delivering to the shop in Little bythem where I often stop and buy cakes as treats!support the shop know Tom from many years ago!And recommend my caravan customers to come too.
    I ve left a message/Order for 36 Millonaires Shortbread to try in My Golf Course Tuck Shop Ive developed this year;We sell different things but this flies out the door each time But…I ve had a problem with shelf life with the shortbread going soft on others as a tumbs up !!Please Can you help,I,m happy to pay trade terms Plus a little extra to help continuing to support such a stuning effort made by the Reeve Family,
    Kind Regards from my waistline that cant resist your cakes and often brightens up my Day!!
    Robert Reid

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